Monday, January 5, 2009

Surgery Scheduled

My D and C surgery has been scheduled for next Tuesday (January 13th). I got a call this morning and they wanted to schedule it for tomorrow. But with the snow and roads, and my husband freaking out about us driving in the snow, I called and had them reschedule it for next Tuesday.
I was nervous because I was told that if we didn't do it tomorrow or next week, then we would have to wait until Dr. Robins was done with the IVF series that is about to start. Which means we would have had to wait until Feb. for the D and C and we would have been bumped to another series again. So, thankfully they were able to get us in next Tuesday.
I'm not too worried about the D and C. I have had one before, and I don't remember it being too painful. I did have some pretty bad cramping, and a little bleeding - but nothing too severe.
I will blog the day before and and then when I get home and am feeling ok.

Till then...

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