Saturday, January 30, 2010

A week of big changes

This past week has been a doozie! And when I say doozie, I mean it in every sense of the word.

Home rest had been going pretty well. I did all I could to ensure I was taking it easy, sitting and laying down and just generally resting. My first NST of the week, on Monday, went fine. The girls looked good and my bp was high but not as high as it had been.

I went to my appointment with my Doc on Wed. This too went pretty well. She said my bp was still high but my protein levels went down a bit so I wasn't quite pre-e, which was good. She wanted me to do a 24 hour urine test and to also get a blood pressure cuff for home so I could monitor my blood pressure while resting. I said no problem.

Thursday morning I was supposed to have my ultrasound but the tech was sick and it was rescheduled for Friday. So I waited around my house all day and in the afternoon, I went in for my NST. Had I know that would be the last time I would be at my house for awhile, I would have picked up, finished packing my hospital bag, or at least given a good attempt at shaving my legs. But I can't predict the future, so instead, I threw on some clothes, combed my air-dried and "not very cute at the moment hair", and headed into Moscow.

When I got to the hospital, I gave them my urine from the past 24 hours - ewwww, and I got hooked up for my NST. The NST went great, and while I was waiting to be released someone from the lab came in to draw my blood. I told the nurse I was ready to go after that and she informed me that I had to wait for my doc to come and talk to me after they got the test results. So I waited, and waited. Bobby came in and kept me company and then the Doc came in and told me the test results came back unfavorable, my liver enzymes were very high and that was concerning. They wanted me to stay the night for monitoring and another urine test, this time a 12 hour test and then we would talk about whether or not I needed to be transferred to Spokane...scary!

So I stayed the night at G.ritman. My first time ever to stay the night in a hospital. I was crabby and I didn't like it. They gave me an Ambi.en to help me sleep. Thank Goodness. The next morning, Bobby met me back at the hospital and we awaited the results. My doc came in and told us that she had talked to the Docs in Spokane and they agreed that it would be best if I were transferred to Spokane. Bobby went home to pack some bags and his mom hung out with me at the hospital while I awaited transfer. Bobby came back just before they were loading me into the Me.d S.tar ambulance and he told me he would follow right behind us. So off we went to Spokane, where I am currently residing.

When I first got here it looked like I would just be on bed rest until I reached 36 weeks and then they would send me back down to Moscow. Unfortunately that good news didn't last long. After doing a bunch of tests of their own, the Dr.'s here are "worried" about me and now it appears we will most likely induce in the next couple of days. There is a big long story about why, but basically, although I feel completely fine, it appears I am getting sicker (liver enzymes, high bp, possible pre-e, etc.). So they are monitoring me here, doing tons of tests, and just trying to hold me out for another day or two to give these babes a couple more days in utero. Is this scary? Yeah, a little. But I did the best I could, and these babies are still's just me that is having issues.

Speaking of the babies...I finally did get an ultrasound today - yay! And these babes look so great. While the measurements could have a margin of error of up to 20%, I thought I would share the most recent info we have on them. Lefty weighs in at 5 lbs and 14 oz and Righty weighs in at a whopping 7 lbs 4 oz. That's right, one of my babies is a giant :-) These numbers are great! The fluid levels are great, they are both head down, everything is really good as far as they are concerned. Oh, and Lefty looks like she has a little bit of hair. The tech asked Bobby how tall he was because both girls look like they have long legs. Guess they might have gotten his genes in that area.

I am getting excited to meet these little ones, but I hope my body will stay healthy enough to at least get them to 35 weeks and a couple of days. Even if they induce tomorrow or the next day, it could take a day or 2 for me to actually go into labor, so we're a couple days away at least. Of course there is always the possibility of having to have an emergency c-section, but I am trying to use the power of positive thinking to help ensure that won't happen.

I'm sorry that this isn't a humorous blog and I'm sorry if it was more of a rambling than giving good information about what is going on. I'm exhausted from all the goings on the past couple days, and wish we knew more concretely what was going to happen (I'm a planner as you all know). But I am trying my best to roll with the punches and just praying that if we deliver early my girls won't have to have NICU time. I'll update again when I know more and when I have more energy.

Till then.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Son-of-a-%$@#& ! (*warning...long post!)

Yep, I said it. And I'll say it again...along with a few other choice words.

So here's the deal. I'm living my life, in pregnancy bliss. Loving how great I feel, loving the compliments on how great I'm doing, bragging about how great I feel...because, hey..I'm pregnant with twins and I made it to 33 weeks, and I've had no real complications and blah blah blah blah blah.

I think what happened is I got cocky. Yep, I'm pretty sure the universe decided that I was a little to big for these big belly britches and decided to knock me down a notch or two.

You are probably starting to wonder what the heck happened, and with good reason because I could continue this rant for quite awhile and that wouldn't be nice because I know that you are all in the dark on my newest development, so here's the story:

I went in to my Dr. appt. yesterday. No ultrasound this week; just the quick check in to see how wonderful I am doing and to bask in all the praise that my Doc was certainly going to bestow on me.

Then....eeeerrrrrch! (That would be everything coming to a halt). My Doc asks if there is anything I might want to discuss or mention that is new. Well, come to think of it, the other day when I walked up the stairs I saw these squiggly lines for a few minutes after...and actually that's been happening about once a day for the past week. hmmmm.....also, my ankles are getting ridiculously swollen and even a very restful night sleep isn't helping them like my pregnancy bible says it should. hmmmmmm....So she asks about my shortness of breath. (I had some shortness of breath at my NST earlier this week and had blood taken to rule some things out). I told her I'm really only short of breath when I am lying down and am pretty sure it's the weight of the babies that's doing it to me. hmmmmmm....'s time to stop hmmmmmming and start talking lady!

So, turns out my blood work from earlier in the week was mostly fine but did show I am having an underactive thyroid issue. No biggie, just need to start popping a pill for that one. Can do. Next?

There is concern because when I got to my appointment the bottom # of my blood pressure was elevated. This was concerning because I've been like the poster child for good blood pressure this whole pregnancy and when you add in my info about the squiggly lines plus the swelling that won't go away, it starts to look suspicioulsy like pre-eclampsia. Boo to that. I am at risk for pre-e because this is my first pregnancy, I am having twins, and there is a little bit of a family history there. Yay - 3 for 3 for me. The shortness of breath is concerning because it could mean the extra fluid in my body is getting into my lungs. So just to be sure everything is A-ok, she sends me to the hospital for an NST, urine and blood tests. was gonna be pizza night and snuggling with my little family on the couch. I'm not happy to have to go start tests at 5pm but I'm also a little concerned about the babies so I do what I am told and head over to the hospital.

Yesterday was a day for babies in Moscow to be born. Every stinkin room was full when I got to the hospital so they put me in a back room that was a fine room I s'pose but it sort of looked like the hodge podge/overflow room and I know from experience all of the rest of the rooms are much nicer. Ok, so maybe at this point I'm feeling a little irritable. I dont' want to be there, I'm tired and frankly the fact that I even have to have all these tests makes me feel a little like a failure. I was doing so well, and I know it's all out of my control, but I sucked at getting pregnant...I don't want to suck at being pregnant too!

I get hooked up to the monitors. Lefty is really far back so they have to tighten the heck out of her monitor which made things uncomfortable. But then the nurse starts my NST, sets me up with water and all that, then tells me the lab will be in to take my blood shortly (oh, I gave a urine sample right when I got there, so that was already taken care of). I wait...I text my friend Nicole, I text my sister, I call Bobby and assure him that the babies are not going to be arriving right then and tell him there is no need for both of us to be bored at the hospital so he should just stay home. Then I wait some more. My back is killing me...I adjust the bed and look longingly at the pillow across the room that would be heaven on earth if it would gravitate towards my bed and place itself behind my back.It's been an hour...Bobby has called twice, freaked out. -K, love the man, but they are checking my blood pressure every few minutes so don't be all freaked out because that freaks me out and there is no hiding it on the machine. Oh, and btw at this point my blood pressure is nestling in a scary high range that I was not at all comfortable with. Freakin nurse...where is she? I try to will the pillow over and seriously contemplate unstrapping all the monitors because my back hurts, I'm tired and hungry and nobody has checked on me for the last hour because all these damn babies are being born and I'm not the priority at that moment. (huff!).

Anywho, just as I am sure that I am about to have a massive freak out, the nurse walks in all cheery "how are we doing"? Ummm we? WE aren't doing so hot. WE have the mother of all backaches and WE are starving because it has now been nearly 7 hours since WE have eaten. Did I tell her this? No. I said, please can I have that pillow behind you - actually it was more of desperate plea than a request. "Oh, right...sorry, I should have given this to you earlier". Yeah, yeah you should've. She puts the pillow behind my back and it is quite possibly the most wonderful thing I have felt in months. Pure bliss. Then, in walks Bobby. He decided to come to the hospital after working it out for his parent's to watch Connor. I felt bad that he would be bored with me, but was so happy to not be alone and helpless anymore.

So, the babies look awesome. No problems with them - I passed my NST with no contractions. I was not anywhere near pre-term labor and the babies were really active which is great. The nurse got permission to take me off the monitors and I finally was able to sit up - yay! Then she says we just have to wait for a lab person to come in to take my blood. I chug the water they had given me. A Nursing assistant (who is the nicest person ever) brings Bobby a soda and asks if we want food. I'm feeling a little yucky now because all the weight in my belly (ie babies) are re-adjusting as I stand up, so I pass on the food. Idiot! Had I known we would be there for 3 more hours I would have not passed on the food.

We wait for an eternity and finally my blood is drawn. I'm irritated and just want to go home. Bobby is giddy at all the babies being born and keeps walking in the hallway like a looky-loo so he can hear them and possibly see some of them. It was kind of like a practice run for labor I suppose.

Anyway, we wait another hour and finally my Doctor comes in with a nurse. (she had just finished delivering 3 babies, so I didn't feel right about telling her how long we were waiting - that would just seem insensitive I think).

-K, this paragraph might have a little TMI - read only if you like knowing way too much about me.
So turns out I don't have pre-e...yet. It could develop. And they want me to do a 24 hour urine test. I am given a hat (this plastic thing that goes in the toilet for collection) and a jug. I'm to collect every drop of urine for the next 24 hours, pour into jug, keep cool and take back to them exactly 24 hours later. Eeeewww, but do-able.

I'm happy that I don't have pre-e. My Doc says that they are just classifying it as pregnancy induced hypertension for now and will know more after my 24 hour urine test. I feel ok with this. BUT, she wants me to have these 2 shots of steriods that will help develop the babies' lungs in case they have to deliver me within the next week or so. Well, that's not re-assuring at all. I get the shot and it hurts like a mo-fo. We joked that Bobby should give it to me and I kind of wish he had because the nurse showed no mercy and I know from experience there is a gentler way to do it.

Here I am thinking we dodged a bullet, and then my Dr. says the words I do not want to hear. She knows I don't want to hear them and warns me they are coming....REST AT HOME. YOU ARE DONE WORKING!
Hmmm.. so just to clarify, am I on bedrest? No...we're calling it home rest (which is nice way of saying modified bedrest). I have to stay home, rest/relax. I am allowed to sit in a chair, but also need to lay down on the couch or bed from time to time. I can shower, make lunch, but cannot do laundry or really any cleaning of any kind. I am allowed to take a trip or two out of my house weekly, mostly to Dr. appts, but that's about it. I really thought I would make it through without bedrest, and I know it could be a lot worse, so I am choosing to stay with the name "home rest" and I will fight you to the death if you insist that I am indeed on bedrest. Let me live in my denial a bit longer.

I then ask about a million questions about working and am told in specific terms that I am absolutely done going into to work. I can work on my computer but with lots of breaks (at my house, not office). I asked if that was going to start right then or if we were waiting on more test results and she laughed and said it was starting right then. No more working at my office. Ok. Got it.

She told me that I really need to take this seriously because if we can control my high blood pressure with rest, that would be the best solution (I should mention she tends to be overly cautious, which is good because all of her twin mommies have made it really far in their pregnancies). And she mentioned that I could choose not to take it seriously and end up in the hospital on full bed rest. Nope, that's not ok with me. I will be following Dr.'s orders. She informs me that if the babies need delievered before 36 weeks, they will transfer me to Spokane. That also is not ok with me. I think at this point I was scared enough to follow instructions to the T.

She then says that she is sending in an internalist to check on my shortness of breath. So we wait....for another hour! Finally the internalist comes in. She said things looked pretty good, but there is a chance that the fluid from my ankles is going into my lungs when I lay down and then overflowing and dilating my heart or something like that...I am now like 9 hours without food and really tired. Apparently this is not a good thing to be happening, but isn't very common either. She decided I would need an echocardiogram to rule that out. I am scheduled for that at 3pm today and then I have to go back at 8pm to drop off my sample and get my second steriod shot. Fun day for me.

I will post any news as it comes about, wether it's a week from now or tomorrow. I have NST's on Monday and Thursday, a Dr. appt on Wed (I'm going weekly now...maybe twice weekly if things continue to go downhill) and an ultrasound on Thursday morning.

I am grateful that the issues are with me and not the babies, but just hope resting at home is enough to make them stay put for at least 3 more weeks.

Sorry for the long post. Check back often for appears I may have a little time on my hands :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally, finally finished with the babies' room....well mostly

Sorry I've been a bit absent. I think I was in a blogging rut this past week. My life has sort of been a bit "ground-hog day-ish" and I didn't feel I had anything to write about that would interest anyone.

You know what I mean...went to both NST's and they were fine. Well, technically during my first one, I had 2 contractions. But I didn't feel these contractions (they had to tell me that I had them) and said that they were very little and that they pretty much weren't going to count them as "real" contractions. Then the next NST...nothing. Everything went smooth.

My carpal tunnel is getting better - it only bothers me on some days, not every day. Heartburn is gone...kaput...went away. I thought this was because it was just a phase so I stopped taking my prescribed meds and the Zan.tac and it came back with a vengeance, so as long as I keep up with the heartburn/reflux meds, I am a-ok.

I am growing by the minute. Have you every had a plant that you could watch and you would swear that as you were watching it, it was growing before your very eyes? Well, that plant is me. And when you grow as fast as I do, people start to think you are about to go into labor at any moment, thus treating you like you are a time bomb just waiting to go off. A little annoying actually. I mean, I love that people care...but I still have some time to cook these little babes, and it feels like everyone around me is on high alert.

Let's see...anything new? Oh....I have had this weird craving for icy things. Mostly like really icy fruit smoothies. Not the thick as a milkshake kind, but more of the kind that tastes like a summer slushy (or something similar to an Ju.lius). And if I can't find a yogurt smoothie to this specification, a good old fashioned glass of crushed ice does the trick. I am constantly munching on ice...I need it, like peanut butter needs jelly. Is it a weird craving? Most likely, but it hits the spot.
I am outgrowing my maternity clothes. The pants all fit fine but my shirts are getting pretty short. My belly hangs out the bottom - classy. But I am close to the end that I don't want to buy more tops, so I put a tank underneath or the belly band. It doesn't look exactly great, but for the shorter shirts, it is a must. Also, I am pooped. Like really, really tired. I wake up feeling great...energized even. But once the clock hits 1pm, it is all down hill. I have to limit the trips up and down the stairs in our house, because it wears me out too much and the next day I literally won't be able to walk if I take too many trips. The belly is a lot to carry around!

Anywho, this past weekend my parents made the trek up to our house to help us get things ready. Bobby and my dad built shelves and stuff for the babies' closet and put together the cribs and then I made everyone rearrange the babies' room no less than 30 times before I finally found I way that I liked it set up - something I am certain would not have been permitted if I weren't pregnant with these little girls....I'm milking it while I can :-)

My mom and I washed all the babies clothes, blankets, etc and organized all the little baby items. Then my mom painted some super cute flowers on the walls to match the bedding. It looks great (there are pics at the bottom of the blog). It was so nice to have the help and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that the babies have a place to come home to.

That's about it....the weekend was very busy and I spent most of today napping because I think it wore me it. Oh, but on a funny side note...we went to for dinner and the hostess went to seat us at this booth. I looked at the booth and thought, no way will I fit in there, and sure enough, the belly would not fit. Awesome. I mean, what I self esteem booster, really.

I asked her if we could sit somewhere else because I wouldn't fit in the booth and she looked at me like I had just asked her for her first born. I then demonstrated just how much I wouldn't fit and she went to "see what she could do". (Meanwhile, my family is getting a big kick out of the massive belly not being able to be shoved into this tiny booth)She came back and seated us in a corner booth that was much roomier. It was a little embarrassing, but c'mon, look at my belly - why on earth would you try to squeeze us into your smallest booth? sheeeeesh!

This week is busy, busy. I have an NST on Tuesday and Friday and my regular Dr. appt on Thursday. Here's hoping everything keeps going well! I've added some pics this time. A few of the babies' room and then one of the belly. I know I look really hot in my belly make-up, I had just woken up...pretty much in desperate need of a shower, and I am glad I get to share it with all of you :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burning, burning, burning...

...that is what is happening in my body right now. An intense burning/reflux situation that seriously needs to get under control before I completely lose my mind. We're not talking about a little heartburn here people. We are talking about a full on attack on my body. It's like there are little warrior men in my esophagus with tiny bows and arrows...only the arrows aren't just arrows, they have fireballs on the end and are being shot all up and down my insides from my stomach to my throat.

I'm currently taking Za.ntac for this horrendous pain, but since that wasn't even making a dent, my Dr. prescribed another little something that should help. I say should because I took it about 20 minutes ago and it has yet to make it's sanity saving debut. I want to cry...

On to other things...I had my ultrasound and appointment today. My ultrasound went great. Sadly I didn't get to see little faces again - there is no room in there and I think the days of seeing my little babes profiles are long gone. I did get to see both of their bellies and it was amazing because they are now breathing. There was something so awe-inspiring about watching those little bellies move in and out...I could have stared at it all day.

The girls are measuring really good. Lefty is at 31 weeks and 1 day (which is exactly what I am today). She weighs 3 lbs 9 oz. Righty is at 32 weeks and 2 days (hubba hubba) and she weighs 4 lbs and 4 oz. It appears they are snuggled up together pretty closely and it also looks like Righty might turn out to be Baby A because she is making a serious run for the finish line. The Dr. honestly doesn't know which will decide to come out first. There was a little concern because Righty has such a large tummy. Not a concern about her being healthy, more of a concern of whether or not she will come out very easily. The C-section talk was brought up and I discussed it with my Dr. She told me that we can try for a "natural" birth, but just wanted me to know all the scenarios that would cause us to have to have a c-section (and there are a lot!). I felt good after our conversation because I know she understands how important NOT having a c-section is to me. Oh and both girls are still head down, so that's in my favor.

All in all, things are looking good. Cervix is long and closed, no pre-term contractions, still feeling pretty good. I had to laugh because when she measured my uterus I asked how big it was and she told me I am measuring at 42 weeks. Mmmm-K...for those of you a little slow at the math, that would be the same as someone carrying 1 baby who is 2 weeks past their due date. I suddenly felt very validated for how tired I have been lately. Because between the roughly 8 lbs of baby I am carrying and my uterus measuring at the whopping 42 weeks, I would say I have a right to be a wee bit tired from time to time.

I asked when I would start my weekly appointments and she told me as long as nothing comes up, I won't start those until 35 weeks. I thought oh, ok...but then later I was thinking about it and that's only 1 month away. Wow time is flying by really fast now.

Let's see...what else? I have mastered the prego waddle. I'm not sure when it happened, but there is definitely a waddle there. I am starting to embrace my stretch marks. They are popping up all over my lower belly. And I'm assuming it won't be long till they show up above my belly button because my skin is really sensitive and feels like it literally can't stretch anymore. I will post another belly picture next week (at 32 weeks). Bobby says I am growing by the hour. I still don't think I look that big, but I guess I am just getting used to it.

Non-stress test tomorrow. These are going great. No contractions and now I no longer have to push the little game show button, so I have been getting some good naps. I don't mind these little tests as much as I thought I would in the beginning. The front desk person knows me now and has all my registration stuff ready, so all I have to do when I get there is sign a piece of paper and get my wristband. Plus I am getting to know all of the nursing staff which I think will be beneficial when I actually have these babies because by then, they should all know me.

Any tips on heartburn/reflux reduction, staying comfortable when you are HUGE, getting rid of cankles, or really any other advice is more than welcome. I would love for these last weeks to be as great as possible and I am willing to learn from what others have to say :-)

Till next week (when I will be 32 weeks - WOW!).....