Friday, November 21, 2008

Round #2 - Here we go!

So, we have officially started the second round of this crazy rollercoaster called Invitro!

I started my Lupron shots (20 units every night at 7pm) on Monday, Nov. 17th. I was told to continue my birth control for 4 days, so last night was my last night taking birth control. It still cracks me up that they give people trying to have a baby, birth control.

I didn't have Lupron injections in my first round, so it's a little new. I guess a shots, a shot - but these seem to make me more irritable. I suppose some of the irritablity could be coming from the fact that this is the second time going through this...but I think I'll continue to blame it on the shots :-) Also, I find that these seem to irritate my skin a little more than the others did.

Anywho - I am becoming quite the pro at giving the shots. It takes me less than a minute from start to finish...which I think is pretty good considering the fact that I used to have to be held down to get shots at the dr. office before all of this reproduction hullaballoo.

My first labs/ultrasound appt. is on the 29th of this month. At that point, I will also add my Follistum and Menopur shots every night.

I will try to update as the process goes on - not too much to report until the 29th, unless you are interested in my increasing crabbiness (haha!).

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