Friday, April 24, 2009

A little of this and that

Well, my monthly friend still has not paid a visit - grrrrrr....I swear, when you are doing IVF, the only time you want your cycle to start is just prior to a new IVF series. Everything depends on the start date of your cycle and in my case it is taking its sweet ass time getting here. I look forward to this for many reasons: we can mentally get in IVF mode, we can order our meds, we basically get the ball rolling...but most importantly we get our calendar!

Ah, the calendar. This one piece of paper is the lifeline for IVF. It is the holy grail, if you will. The calendar has all of the information that will guide you, tell you your appointments, what and how much of your meds you should take, and it lets you plan. And for people like me (and you too Nicole :-) ) planning is soooo important. It gives you a sense of control over the whole thing when in reality you have no control what-so-ever. Now, all I need is for my darn period to start.....

On another IVF related note, I got a bill in the mail a couple days ago. "What the hell", you say...yes, what the hell indeed. I thought I was all paid up because at our appointment last week I wrote a check for the balance on our account (2 hysterscopes that insurance did not cover). But then I see an envelope in the mail and I think, "odd, what could they be sending me?". When I opened it I saw a "Welcome to your third series, in order to start your series you need to pay the following...blah blah need to send us $1800 for ICSI...blah blah...and send $600 to the anesthesiologist while your at it...blah blah ....oh and why not sign away the rights to your first born?

Ok, I made the last part up - but I was a little caught off guard by this letter. Not because I didn't know or expect these fees, but I had honestly forgotten about them. Rats! I only had the cost of the meds on my mind and was not happily reminded about these other fees.

The other night Bobby and I were talking about how we hope that I don't have to have another D and C. And while I was thinking, yeah I don't want to pay the money or have to go to a hospital and have a surgery...he said that he feels bad for my poor uterus.
What now huh?
Yes, he says..."you have to think that your uterus is completely beat up. I mean, you've had 3 D and C's and the last time the dr. had to scrape scar tissue off. It's like you uterus has been in a war".

Tee Hee, this made me laugh because in my head I pictured my uterus (which I have seen too many times to count, so yes, I can actually picture it) and it is all covered in scars and bandaids, maybe propped up on one side by a crutch........Yes, I am weird - but this picture of my war-torn uterus was just what I needed. I have put my body through a lot, and while it would be really easy to get mad at it for not cooperating in this baby-making process, maybe I should think of it as doing the best it can, fighting to help me get pregnant even if it lacks the ability, continuing on in the fight even if it's a losing battle. Go Uterus! (LOL - I told you I was weird)

Oh, and one more thing - I decided to do acupuncture this time. I figured we only have one shot left why not try everything ever reported to help increase the chances :-) If anyone has any other suggestions for things that might help us along, I'm open to hearing them.

Hopefully I will be able to post again soon and let you all know the details of my upcoming round.
Till then....

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Nicole said...

Jen, I love you!! You crack me up. I can picture the uterus war perfectly, so don't worry..I think you're completely sane. Although, I'm a bit crazy myself so maybe you shouldn't trust my opinion! :) I know how you feel about wanting the calendar....come on Aunt Flow!! (big hugs)