Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maybe going solo

Ok everyone...I only have 6 days until we meet with the Dr. to have our follow-up appointment. I'm now not sure if Bobby will be able to go with me. He said it depends on work, and that he'll know the night before. Great. Just what I have to go and hear what the Doc suspects is wrong, by myself. AND to try to remember it to relay it to Bobby when I get home. The reason this frustrates me is that it is nice to double team this appointment. When I am processing info, Bobby always chimes in with great questions and vice versa. Now, I may have to process and chime - are these two tasks that I'm capable of? Who will I obsess about every word the doc said with on the drive home? These are seriously things that I worry about.

I also found a little glitch in my "series this summer" plan. I am not sure if my insurance will cover another D & C this year (or rather, so closely to the last one I had). If they won't, then I may have to wait till 2010, because the surgery costs right around $6000. My insurance covered it the first time, but I just don't know - damn those insurance companies that don't feel the need to cover infertility. I say Boo to them!

Ok, ok.....I am probably just freaking out about nothing, but I have little to occupy my mind when it comes to the future IVF so I think while I wait to hear from the Doc I have started creating drastic scenarios. It's really not a pretty side of me.

Alright, short blog I know - sorry I can't entertain today.

Till next time.....

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Nicole said...

What a bummer that Bobby may not be able to go. Remember that you're a super strong woman, and you can do it solo! I really hope you get some good answers from the doc. You're always in my thoughts! :)