Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally Aunt Flo!

My lovely cycle started on Saturday - hallelujah!!! I was super excited about this, and tried to get Bobby to share my excitement, but he was so involved in the draft I don't think he could hear me hollering in the background :-)

I called my nurse but because it was the weekend and they are in the middle of a series I knew not to expect a call back until today. Well, I waited and waited and finally thought it wouldn't hurt to leave one more message for my nurse.

I just got a call back from her and she said that they wanted to do day 3 labs (blood work) on me, which means I will be headed to Spokane tomorrow (FYI day 3 labs can be taken on day 2, 3, or 4). I'm not sure why they want to do Day 3's on me - I needed them my first series, but I don't remember having them on my second series. I also could just be forgetful, because honestly all this IVF stuff is starting to run together. I should look back at my past blogs to see if I had day 3's the second time around. Ok, I'm getting off track.

So I will be starting my birth control pills tomorrow night and taking them until sometime in June. My nurse said that after tomorrow, she will be able to start working on my calendar and she can say for certain that my hysterscope won't be anytime in the next 2 weeks - which is great because it gives me time to go to my OB and get a referral.

On a side note - I am having a blah day. I don't know if it's because my hormones are still a little out of whack and add in that I just started my period...or maybe it's because if my first series of IVF would have worked, I would be having a baby right about now....or maybe it's that it seems everyone I know, that has a uterus, is pregnant or has just had a baby. Ok, maybe that was a little exaggerated, but sometimes it just feels like that. Freakin Spring - it seems babies are popping up everywhere.

I will blog when I know results from my day 3 and get my calendar. Till then.....


Nicole said...

I'm not sure about the day 3 thing either...I don't remember having that done. Maybe I'm also forgetting. Hang in there...June will be here soon. :)

Sally said...

It's ok to have a blah day now and then, you have been through a lot.... just try to stay away from the closet this time :)