Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally, finally finished with the babies' room....well mostly

Sorry I've been a bit absent. I think I was in a blogging rut this past week. My life has sort of been a bit "ground-hog day-ish" and I didn't feel I had anything to write about that would interest anyone.

You know what I mean...went to both NST's and they were fine. Well, technically during my first one, I had 2 contractions. But I didn't feel these contractions (they had to tell me that I had them) and said that they were very little and that they pretty much weren't going to count them as "real" contractions. Then the next NST...nothing. Everything went smooth.

My carpal tunnel is getting better - it only bothers me on some days, not every day. Heartburn is gone...kaput...went away. I thought this was because it was just a phase so I stopped taking my prescribed meds and the Zan.tac and it came back with a vengeance, so as long as I keep up with the heartburn/reflux meds, I am a-ok.

I am growing by the minute. Have you every had a plant that you could watch and you would swear that as you were watching it, it was growing before your very eyes? Well, that plant is me. And when you grow as fast as I do, people start to think you are about to go into labor at any moment, thus treating you like you are a time bomb just waiting to go off. A little annoying actually. I mean, I love that people care...but I still have some time to cook these little babes, and it feels like everyone around me is on high alert.

Let's see...anything new? Oh....I have had this weird craving for icy things. Mostly like really icy fruit smoothies. Not the thick as a milkshake kind, but more of the kind that tastes like a summer slushy (or something similar to an Ju.lius). And if I can't find a yogurt smoothie to this specification, a good old fashioned glass of crushed ice does the trick. I am constantly munching on ice...I need it, like peanut butter needs jelly. Is it a weird craving? Most likely, but it hits the spot.
I am outgrowing my maternity clothes. The pants all fit fine but my shirts are getting pretty short. My belly hangs out the bottom - classy. But I am close to the end that I don't want to buy more tops, so I put a tank underneath or the belly band. It doesn't look exactly great, but for the shorter shirts, it is a must. Also, I am pooped. Like really, really tired. I wake up feeling great...energized even. But once the clock hits 1pm, it is all down hill. I have to limit the trips up and down the stairs in our house, because it wears me out too much and the next day I literally won't be able to walk if I take too many trips. The belly is a lot to carry around!

Anywho, this past weekend my parents made the trek up to our house to help us get things ready. Bobby and my dad built shelves and stuff for the babies' closet and put together the cribs and then I made everyone rearrange the babies' room no less than 30 times before I finally found I way that I liked it set up - something I am certain would not have been permitted if I weren't pregnant with these little girls....I'm milking it while I can :-)

My mom and I washed all the babies clothes, blankets, etc and organized all the little baby items. Then my mom painted some super cute flowers on the walls to match the bedding. It looks great (there are pics at the bottom of the blog). It was so nice to have the help and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that the babies have a place to come home to.

That's about it....the weekend was very busy and I spent most of today napping because I think it wore me it. Oh, but on a funny side note...we went to for dinner and the hostess went to seat us at this booth. I looked at the booth and thought, no way will I fit in there, and sure enough, the belly would not fit. Awesome. I mean, what I self esteem booster, really.

I asked her if we could sit somewhere else because I wouldn't fit in the booth and she looked at me like I had just asked her for her first born. I then demonstrated just how much I wouldn't fit and she went to "see what she could do". (Meanwhile, my family is getting a big kick out of the massive belly not being able to be shoved into this tiny booth)She came back and seated us in a corner booth that was much roomier. It was a little embarrassing, but c'mon, look at my belly - why on earth would you try to squeeze us into your smallest booth? sheeeeesh!

This week is busy, busy. I have an NST on Tuesday and Friday and my regular Dr. appt on Thursday. Here's hoping everything keeps going well! I've added some pics this time. A few of the babies' room and then one of the belly. I know I look really hot in my belly make-up, I had just woken up...pretty much in desperate need of a shower, and I am glad I get to share it with all of you :-)


Nicole said...

The girls room is so cute! Nice job to all the helpers (slaves) and you for being the eyes that made them put it together correctly! You are getting mighty large, but I honestly think you still look great! Hard to believe I will be that big in a few months. Wow.

Nicole said...

Forgot to say that I enjoy the fact I can seeing your "turkey timer". And to think, you were worried it would never come out! :)

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see how your belly grows! And yes, my turkey timer is out in full force all the time now :-)

Domrese Family Blog said... favorite...still! Sonic has crushed ice that I would get everyday. They knew I went into labor the day I didn't come by to pick it up! :) Orange Julius would also work and our Arby's has crushed ice that would work as well. Not so weird..just yummy!

I can't believe they even tried to sit you in a booth. I mean, how mean! Did they think you were going to suck it in? Just use your belly as a table? :)

You look great!You are doing great! Your babies appear very happy!