Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I had to set the alarm on my phone again in order to remember to give my shot. 7pm just seems to sneak up on me. I feel good so far. The shots don't hurt at all, and I have had no bleeders so far, so no bruises. I am sure after a month I will have a couple bruises to show.

I tried to take pictures last night and I attached 2. Sorry that they are out of focus. Bobby was wrangling Connor, so I tried to take them myself and must have been standing too close. Anywho, I will post others later in the process.

The more we do this IVF thing, the more laid back about it I am. Normally I would be so focused on this process that I litterally couldn't think about anything else. But now this is just sort of something that is going on in the background of my life. Maybe because this is a frozen embryo transfer, so my body isn't going through the whole process of making mass amounts of eggs.

Tonight is my last night of birth control. I expect a little mood shift in the following days because of this. I don't remember the Lupron affecting me that much last time, but both Bobby and my mom were quick to assure me that it did indeed affect me and not in a positive way - in other words, I acted a little bitchy...I truely don't remember being that way, but I'll take their word for it. I'm going to try to act a little nicer, but it's hard when you don't know that you aren't acting nice. Aren't hormones lovely?

Till next time....

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