Saturday, February 28, 2009


I just want to say thank you to everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers. I am happy to report that my blood clot is gone and we are continuing on with this round. WOO HOO!

My appointment today went fine. Everything is right on track. During my scan the dr. searched and searched and we couldn't see the blood clot anywhere - plus there are no polyps in my uterus yet, so we are good to go.

It was nice because I actually knew someone in the waiting room - how lovely to be able to talk to someone and to see a friendly face. Especially because Bobby and Connor decided not to go with me - we thought it might interfere too much with Connor's potty training and he is doing so great, we didn't want being in the car for over 4 hours to set him back.

I didn't have to wait long - there were very few people there. I am at the very beginning of this series so I doubt I will have to wait very long at any of my appointments. My nurse called early this afternoon and told me to continue with my regimen, but to add 2 mg of Estrace to my daily routine. These are to be taken at 2pm. So my new routine is:
7am - 1 baby aspirin and 2 mg (2 tablets) Estrace
2pm - 2mg Estrace
7pm - 2 mg Estrace, 1 prenatal vitamin, and my Lupron shot

I am super excited about taking more hormones (sense my sarcasm) - I just hope that my headaches don't come back...they have finally gone away. The only side effects I seem to be having are:
1) a slight weight gain, despite my eating Very healthy, no caffeine or alcohol Plus walking a couple of miles nurse said this is one of the side effects and most of it is probably water retention. Is that why I look a little puffy?
2) Extreme fatigue - I am so sleepy. I have already taken 2 naps today and feel like I could take another. I will take sleepiness over headaches any day, but seriously I would love to have some energy back
3) Extreme bitchiness (haha) OK this isn't exactly true, but I thought I would add it for comic relief. Plus I think one could argue that I do have my moments of extreme bitchiness; either that or crying. I will cry because I'm happy, sad, hungry, sometimes if I am just telling someone that I am emotional I will start crying...I'm quite a site to see :-)
4) Hot flashes. These suck...a lot. It feels like your body is burning up from the inside. I suddenly have a unique understanding of what most of our moms are going through (menopause), and might I say, be nice to your mothers. Hot flashes, hormone shifts, all of it makes you feel like you are losing your mind.

I guess that is what's funny about this whole infertility thing. You seek help with the thought that you'll go to the dr., he'll tell you what's wrong with you, you'll follow his treatment and ta-da *poof* you have a baby. The reality is (in our case anyway) it takes years to find out what "might" be wrong, and then when you start treatment you find out a whole bunch of other stuff is wrong. To fix this, they put you on birth control (ha!) then quickly move you from birth control pills to hormones that either make your body produce massive amounts of eggs, or in my case right now, makes you get right to point of ovulation, but won't let you ovulate while simultaneously putting your body in this weird menopausal state. And this is an elective fact we're paying a chunk of change to be put through the ringer like this.

I know if the end result is a baby, then truly it will all be worth it (not to mention the amount of guilt I will have over that child, haha). But if this process has taught me anything so far, it is to listen to what your heart is telling you. There are many ways to make a family and I'm glad we went this route because we both felt this was the path we needed to take at this time. Either we will be adding to our family or we will have closure on this issue. But more than anything, I am glad that when we decided 2 and a half years ago that all we wanted was a family, that we listened to our hearts and found our son Connor. And that makes me feel like listening to our hearts now, no matter how rough this road has been, we will eventually be successful :-)

Our transfer date will most likely be on the 10th of March. My mom is coming up to stay with Connor and to help out (yay!). I will of course be posting more - my next appointment isn't until Thursday, but I am sure I will have something to say before then (don't I always have something to say?).

Till next time...

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Nicole said...

First of all, I am sooooo happy for you guys! Good news is exactly what you needed right now. We are cheering for you! :) Secondly, my next appointment is Thursday too. See you bright and early! It's fun to have you in the waiting room. I'm looking forward to giving you a big hug (with extra fertile vibes).