Wednesday, October 14, 2009

19 weeks!

I am now 19 weeks pregnant and cannot believe how fast time is going by. I am just really loving being pregnant - sometimes when I make comments about how fast my belly is growing (very fast, btw), or I talk about different twinges I feel, how it is getting harder to breathe, etc. I know it may sound like minor complaints...but the reality is I am just in awe of what is happening to my body. I love every part so far, even the stuff that doesn't sound that great....yep, I love those moments too. I always knew that if I ever got this opportunity I would really appreciate every moment. And knowing that this is the only time I will be pregnant makes me appreciate it even more.

Not too much has changed in this past week besides some belly growing. I forgot to measure this morning, but if I had to bet, I would say I am at least another inch bigger. I will measure before I post on Friday so I can give a little update on that.

Which brings me to my favorite topic....Friday! Woo hoo...the day is almost here. We are about to find out what gender these little ones are and I am dying to know. I realize I must seem a little overexcited about this event. I mean, I know people get excited to find out, but I seriously can't concentrate on anything else...the waiting is torture. And I think the reason for this is for the past 6 and a half (nearly 7) years we have had A LOT of medical intervention trying to get pregnant. Finding out the gender feels like the first time we have let nature take it's course. It's the first time on this long journey to pregnancy that we haven't (or rather, the dr.'s haven't) had a hand in the outcome. It just is what it is....and for some reason, to me, that's phenomenal. Something so simple, that other people may just take for granted feels like this huge milestone that we have achieved. So maybe that's why I am feeling this immense amount of anticipation for Friday's ultrasound.

Regardless of the reason, I am stoked! And since I've been building up to this moment for several weeks now, I am sure some of you are starting to get curious as well. So here's the plan for Friday. I have to drink my 32 ounces of water at 6am. My anatomy scan ultrasound starts at 7am and is scheduled to last until 9 or 9:30, depending on the cooperation of the little bambinos. Then Bobby and I are going to go to breakfast and talk endlessly about how awesome said little bambinos are and will most likely start the great debate of 2009, otherwise known as the beginning of baby naming.

I have my regular monthly appointment at 10:30. This is most likely just a mtg for me to ask questions and let my doc know how I am feeling since I will have just had a 2 hour ultrasound, I am going to say that they won't be doing an ultrasound at this appt. (lol!) This appt. will also help to determine if I will start being seen every 2 weeks or if I am just doing so great that they can wait another month to see me (I'm thinking the latter, because frankly I feel pretty awesome).

After my appointment, I am going to meet my mother in law for some lunch and baby shopping (finally!!!). So looking forward to that! However, let's keep in mind that if these little babies are shy, we might not get to find out what the genders are or maybe will only find out for one of them, in which case I will spend the whole day completely annoyed at their utter lack of cooperation and will blame Bobby's genes for the stubbornness that they are showing.

Anywho, I will post on my blog Friday night (I know, my life is so exciting that posting on my blog is actually the big plans I have for Friday night). So anyone that is interested in knowing, can check on Friday night or sometime over the weekend :-)

Till next time.....

*If you haven't voted in the "What are we having" poll, you only have one more day and then the polls are closed. I will post the final votes on my Friday night blog.

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