Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where did my feet go?

Yep, you heard me right...I can no longer see my feet when looking straight down. I was able to glimpse my toes off and on this past week, but alas it seems that the "toe peek" has gone to the wayside since my ever growing belly now fully blocks my view.

It makes me laugh to watch this thing just grow and grow. I seriously am amazed at how quickly it is getting bigger. 2 weeks ago it grew 2 inches, and this past week it grew 1 inch. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but we're talking about 1 inch in 7 days people! Holy Moly!

I do believe I felt baby movement last week. I was sitting in the car waiting on someone and suddenly I felt a little "blip blip" on Lefty's side. I sat really still and thought "ok, I know that was the baby"....and then, a little bit higher and a little bit lighter, I felt it again. It was really cool but sadly Righty did not join in on the action and I haven't felt anything since. (I also haven't really sat down for a spare minute since then either). I was assured by a good friend that when she was pregnant, she felt something and then it was about a week later before she felt something again, so maybe this is normal.

I have been having really vivid dreams about what gender the babies will be. Before you get all excited about "mother's intuition", I should tell you that every night it is a different combination of boy/girl, girl/girl boy/boy, so I really have no clue. Although, weird thing, twice in these dreams it has ended with me falling asleep during the ultrasound so Bobby knew what the babies were and I didn't and for some reason he refused to tell me. What do you think that means?

I have been getting lots of good advice from friends that are pregnant (or have been pregnant) and I have 2 people that are giving me great twin advice. The twin advice is much appreciated because carrying two babies is a lot different than carrying one, I am learning. And every now and then I catch myself comparing my pregnancy to someone that has had one baby and how different certain things are and then I have to remind myself that of course things will be different, I am growing 2 people. There are bound to be some major differences.

Oh, and I am losing my mind. Yep, I thought I would save this little tidbit for last. I have to admit...before becoming pregnant I laughed at the thought of "baby brain". I really thought this was something that pregnant women used as an excuse to be flighty and forgetful, all the while being like "oh, silly me...where has my head gone? Must be that baby brain...ha ha ha ha".

Well, my mocking was completely unwarranted, because somewhere along the way I have developed this so called baby brain and it has made me completely stupid. Not just a little, I'm like, "drive 20 minutes to the grocery store for something that we have to have only to realize that not only have I forgotten my list (meant to keep my brain on track) but I have also forgotten why I am at the store, and oh yeah, I forgot my purse too" kind of stupid.

What the heck is happening to me? A while back, I was looking at books on and liked a few twin books, but at the time didn't buy anything. Well, last week I received one book in the mail from and thought, "oh, I must have ordered this. That's weird, I don't remember, but oh well".

No big deal, right? Except the next day I received 3 more books in the mail from What is going on!?! Did I order these. I don't remember ordering these. Maybe I did. How could I order 4 books and not remember it? Etc, Etc. This went on for about a half an hour and I seriously thought I had lost my damn mind. I went to throw the box away that the books came in and happened to glance at the receipt. Um, yeah. I didn't order these mom did. Whew! "What a relief...I wasn't losing my mind after all...Wait a minute - did she tell me she ordered these books for me and I forgot....think back Jennifer....."

Seriously. Losing. My. Mind.

The countdown is on to my big ultrasound (10 days). I can't hardly stand it! I don't know how I ever thought I would be able to wait the whole pregnancy to find out. People keep asking me if we have names picked out and I'm going to be We actually talked more about names when we were going through IVF than we do now. It just seems like so much effort to come up with boys and girls names before we know what we are having. What if we spend all this time coming up with girl's names only to find out we are having two boys or visa versa. Nope, I think we are waiting to do the whole name thing until after our big ultrasound. But don't you worry, I am sure that I will have something interactive on this site for people to offer their name suggestions :-) Oh, and week 18 officially marks the "could be" halfway point.

Ok, for old times sake here is are some "symptoms" and other stuff:

- Growing belly (um, duh)

- No stretch marks yet! I know they are probably on their way, but for now I am going to live in
this little world I call denial and think that all my baby-oil and belly butter lotion rubbing, plus
my water drinking is keeping them at bay.

- Food. Do I have cravings? No. But I do feel like a camel. Some days I am really hungry and
everything sounds good and then the next day I am not hungry at all and nothing sounds good.
On these days I have to force myself to eat meals, because I feel like just having a bowl of
cereal and a banana will be enough for the whole day. Is that normal?

- Swollen hands and feet. The feet aren't so bad, although I do believe they are bigger all the
time because my shoes are feeling tight. I've heard feet can grow during pregnancy, but I'm
not sure if this is a wives's tale or not. I can say, I am going shoe shopping today because the
next size up is looking pretty good :-) My hands swell if I do a lot of walking or moving around.
If I sit for a minute and lift them up, the swelling appears to go away. I can no longer wear my
engagement ring, and now my wedding band is getting tight so I am sure that too will be
relinquished to the jewelry box until these babies make their debut.

- Ok, this one isn't really a symptom...or maybe it is, depending on how you look at it. I am
starting to give in to the mini van idea. They are surprisingly safe and are the most convenient
to get to the third row seat. Who thinks Bobby is sending me subliminal messages in my sleep?

- Sleeping. I still have achy legs, but they aren't as bad as they were. I do have lower back pain
at the end of the day now, but that was something I actually expected to happen and my yoga
DVD and a warm shower at the end of the day are helping with this.

Ok, folks. I will update next week with my 19 week update and then...that's'll get another fun update on October 16th after my big ultrasound. It's a two-fer :-)

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Cameo said...

I didn't get the growing feet problem. Or if I did, they went back. But I read (and it's not an old wives tale) that the reason is that your hormones make you more flexible and stuff. So, like your tendons get more stretchy to accomodate a growing belly and pelvis to get those babies out and the feet get the same effect. So, it's not that they are growing, it's just that all those parts holding your bones close together are stretching, hence, your feet seem bigger. And they may or may not go back to your old size. Fun fact for the day!!!!