Thursday, October 29, 2009

21 weeks

I was so good...I went and got my flu shot...I went and got my H1N1 shot...I diligently wash my hands, don't touch handrails or other really germy type things...and yet....I. still. got. sick.
No, not sick with the flu (thank goodness), but I do have a terrible, nasty cold. I went to the dr. for some relief and discovered I also had an ear infection (which they gave me some ammoxicillan), and... oh by the way, "since you're pregnant, there is nothing we can give you for your horrendous cold". Boo to that!

So I've been sort of under the weather all week, which makes enjoying pregnancy a little difficult. It makes even paying attention to the fact that I am pregnant a little difficult. I've been more or less sleeping and laying around, drinking oj, eating chicken noodle soup, taking Tylenol (the only safe thing for pregos) and hoping this cold runs it course quickly. I feel a little better today and decided to update for the week.

I haven't grown this past all. No new inches around the belly, no weight gain. Could be because I am sick, but I suspect it has more to do with these babies finding that they can stretch out a little bit. According to my book, my uterus has expanded up which means the babies have more room. I've felt them a few times here and there, but still nothing prominent. This could be because these babies are just very quiet little girls (ha!) or that they are moving a lot at night when I am sleeping. I am suspecting the latter. It's still pretty cool when I do get to feel them, and am looking forward to the upcoming weeks when I should be feeling them a lot more and Bobby could possibly feel a kick or two here and there.

We have been playing the baby-name game and surprisingly have come up with several that we both agree on. I think we have one first name picked out...but still have to come up with a middle name and another first and middle name. I think we are kind of apprehensive to choose a name so early because knowing us, we will change our minds at the last minute. Connor has been contributing to the naming and would like us to consider Curly and Tooty-Fruity. We told him we would put them on the list :-)

I have been having the strangest dreams...mostly about the babies. Last night I had a really vivid dream about being in labor for 16 hours, only to discover the babies had to be delivered via c-section. (some underlying anxiety about a c-section perhaps?) When they were born, they each weighed over 7 lbs and one had black hair and the other had strawberry blond hair - both suspiciously had been cut into buzz cuts...hmmmmm. This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to my dreams about these babies. I was told that when you are pregnant, you have crazy dreams...and that has definitely held true. Bobby is probably getting tired of hearing me say, "Omigosh, my dream last night was so weird....".

That's about it for this week. Till next time.....

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