Wednesday, November 4, 2009

22 weeks

You would think I could come up with a better heading than "22 weeks", you know...something catchy and clever - yet seriously I cannot.

I am having this weird brain thing going on lately. Or rather...I have no brain lately. Bobby likes to joke that the babies are taking all my brain power and will be the smartest babies ever if this continues; and whenever I say something kind of stupid, or forget my cellphone for the millionth time or can't remember a conversation that I just had with somebody, he'll simply look at me, shake his head and say, "smartest babies ever". (and what's especially funny is that even as I am writing this, I am thinking, "have I already written this" and for the life of me I can't remember).

Yep, people...I have a serious case of baby brain. I don't know what is wrong with me. I actually told my sister that if flights were expensive to Hawaii we could just drive there...Um What!?! As I said it, I knew it was wrong, and yet the words came tumbling out of my mouth anyway. Ah well, I'll chalk this up to one of those quirky pregnancy things - at least I can laugh at myself.

Things are going good with me and the babes. I had some massive round ligament pain that is finally starting to subside. I figured it was because the babies were having a growth spurt and sure enough, I measured the belly this morning and I've grown an inch this past week. I could really feel this growth spurt not just in the round ligaments, but also in my lower back and my ribs. Yuck! My body is definitely trying to accommodate these little ones, I just wish I had a little more room in there for them...the next couple months might start to get a tad uncomfortable. I took a warm bath last night and felt a million times better (plus let's face it, with a 3 year old, even the bathroom isn't a private space anymore, so I milked the fact that I needed quiet time in the bath and Bobby and Connor happily left me alone). My biggest complaint is sitting at work. I have been taking breaks and moving positions, but I can see that my work schedule might be adjusted the further along I get.

I've been having a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there. They don't hurt and sometimes I don't even notice them, but they have been coming around when I need to drink more water or if I hightail it up the 5 flights of stairs to my office.

I have felt a little more sporadic movement. Mostly from Lefty, or right in the middle of my belly, which makes me think they are duking it out in there. And yesterday while I was taking my lunchtime siesta, I felt a little thud in my lower left abdomen. Then I felt it again and again. Little lefty was either kicking me or punching me, depending on how she is situated in there. It was neat to feel it, very light, but very cool. Righty is my quiet girl, not a lot of noise on her side of the duplex...Or I guess it could be that she is further back and I just can't feel her as well - this is pretty common with twins I am told.

I am still getting over my nasty cold. I feel fine, but sound a bit congested and have the mother of all coughs. Oh, and nobody tells you this...but when you are pregnant and you have to cough a million times during the day, you pee a little every time you are hacking away. TMI? Maybe. True? Oh, yes.

Connor is so excited about being a big brother. He is so sweet when it comes to the babies...he talks to my belly, kisses them, puts a pillow on my belly when I am laying down because they are tired too. Honestly it is the most precious thing I've ever seen. I hope he loves them this much when they are here and he has to share mommy and daddy - that could be interesting. We had a fun Halloween. Connor was so cute trick or treating and my sister and niece came up which made it all the more fun. I am still learning my limits with this pregnancy because I did a little more walking than I should have (my town is on a hill so there are no flat streets here). I finally had to say I couldn't do it anymore and we got the car... but by then it was too late. My lower back hurt so bad that I honestly felt like I couldn't walk at all. Note to self...don't do that again dummy!

I am so ready for my appointment next week - a month is much too long to go without seeing the girls and making sure they are a-ok. My appt is a week from this Friday so instead of posting mid-week, I will be posting on Friday the 13th.

Till then.....


Nicole said...

The peeing part made me laugh! Love your honesty, Jen. Are you and Sally really going to Hawaii?

Jennifer said...

Well, I like to tell it like it is :-) No, we were talking about possible bowl games and if we could afford to go with the babies on the way...Hawaii was one that Bobby brought up.

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