Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I think I might be the world's biggest hypocrite

Yep - I'm pretty sure you could call me a hypocrite and I couldn't argue with you. It comes to little things about this pregnancy really. I used to hate seeing pregnant women with their bellies taunting me, saying "I'm pregnant and most likely you never will be"....but somewhere along the way, I became one of those women. I don't taunt other infertiles; in fact I really do try to be conscious of what I say and how I act because I know that there are so many women out there who are having a hard time getting pregnant. But still...I find myself wearing snug shirts that show my belly in all it's wonderful "look at me world. Yes. I. am. pregnant!"

I've caught myself rubbing my belly in all kinds of places: the grocery store line, the waiting room of the doctors office, sitting at my desk at work, etc. I will gladly gush to whomever wants to ask me about my pregnancy, that I am pregnant with twin girls, that I feel great and everything is going wonderfully...that I love, love, love being pregnant. I have even agreed to having a baby shower (an event that I used to not participate in because frankly, it was too painful) and I'm actually getting super excited for it.

Hypocrite. Yep, that's me. At least I can admit and embrace it.

Anywho, I am currently at 24 weeks. This past week has had some belly growth, a little over an inch and the round ligament pain to accompany it. I registered for my prenatal swim class today. The actual class starts in December. Am I looking forward to getting into a bathing, that would be a "no". But I am looking forward to feeling weightless and getting a little exercise. I have heard this will help with all my little complaints, like backache, leg cramps at night, and round ligament pain. So bring on the stylish maternity swimwear.

Not too much to report this week, I'm sorry to say. I guess I'm just a boring pregnant person. Everyone is always asking how I am feeling. That must be the standard question for pregnant people. And when I reply that I am feeling great, I always get this look like "oh, really. You should be feeling horrible". Why is that? Is it really that surprising that I still feel good? I know it is getting close to the time that I should be feeling uncomfortable and I'm told this will most likely happen literally overnight...but so far, if anyone's asking, I'm feeling fabulous :-)

Here's my 24 week picture - I thought I would give you a real belly shot. I must be brave to show you all my bare belly, but it was kind of hard to see with the shirt I was wearing and what the've all heard my talk about my uterus so much that showing you my bare belly is nothing! You'll have to excuse how I look...I had just gotten out of a very warm and relaxing bath, but I didn't want another week to go by without taking a picture. As always, if you want to see if bigger, just click on it.

Oh, I'm supposed to give a shout out to Bobby and Connor and to tell you all that they are awesome. (I think they wanted to be in the blog - LOL).

Ok, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Because of the Holiday next week, I won't post until the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I should have some fun pictures from my baby shower in Boise :-)

Till then....

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