Wednesday, September 2, 2009

13 weeks

I am 13 weeks today, and I am feeling great! I had my ultrasound yesterday to check for abnormalities with the babies. When I got there, they told me that the results actually got sent to a lab and that I won't get the results for a week or so. Surprisingly, this was kind of nice because I was able to just enjoy this little peek at the babes and not worry about suddenly getting bad news.

The ultrasound tech at my dr.'s office is super nice and so willing to answer any weird question that I may decide to ask. She went searching for the babies and started low, below my belly button. Then she moved up, and up and up until finally she found them, side by side, right above my belly button. These babies are high. I actually felt a little relieved to see for myself where I was carrying them because I thought it was weird that I didn't get the "pooch" under my belly button that most women get and instead just all the sudden had a very round belly. It is hard at the top and still a little squishy at the bottom, but she said my whole belly will be hard soon enough.

She was hemming and hawing about which baby to call Baby A and which would be B. Normally it is easy to tell because one is on top of the other one and the one closest to the cervix is Baby A. At this visit it was important to get these labels right because they will no longer change. Baby A will now always be Baby A and same goes for Baby B. Anyway, she couldn't figure out who to name what because my little bambinos are side by side and they are in a dead heat...I mean there isn't one that is even a cm closer to my cervix. They looked so cozy right next to each other, but it was clearly frustrating the poor ultrasound tech. Finally she said she thought it looked like the baby on the left was Baby A, but just to be sure we keep it straight, she labeled all the pictures with not only Baby A or Baby B but with Baby on the Left and Baby on the right.

I just had to laugh because I thought it was cute these little ones liked being so close. (tell that to my ribs in a month or so because they are dangerously close to being able to kick them). Bobby and I decided we would call the babies "lefty" and "righty" because it has a nicer ring than "A" and "B" (I think there might be 2 of my friends smiling right about now!)

So anyway, Left and Righty are doing so great. Heartbeats are strong at 154 and 148. They were a little slower than last time, but mostly because they were resting this time...although Lefty did give me a little wave hello. The tech said the heartbeats need to fall between 100 and 180 during this period, so we are perfect. Also, they are both measuring exactly the same size...13 weeks and 1 day. Keep in mind this was yesterday so they were measuring 2 days ahead of where they should be. This is fantastic! Especially for twins. We are just praying they keep growing at such an amazing rate.

All in all things went really well. It lifted my spirits seeing the babies...I think there is still a part of me that can't believe I am actually pregnant and to see it live on a screen really reinforces it.

As for symptoms: Let's see, no nausea, but no cravings either. I'm a little tired, but depends on the day...sometimes I actually feel really energetic. I am starting to develop heartburn and it's no wonder since the babes are so high up. Still managing to fit into my regular jeans with the help of the Ba.nd (thanks for that tip!). My shirts are getting a tad to short because of the growing belly and boobs I have going on. And that's about it. Oh, here is my 13 week belly picture :-)
*you can click on the ultrasound pictures to see a bigger version

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