Friday, September 18, 2009

15 weeks and appt.

Well, I had my appointment yesterday afternoon. Everything is looking really great. They took the heartbeats with the Doppler when we first arrived...156 and 148, so they both sound really good.

The appointment was more of an informational meeting at first. At this particular office they eventually like you to see all of the Dr.'s so you have a repore with each of them. I have seen all of them in the past, and I like all of them so basically I just decided to go to whoever is available on the day of my appointment. This is working out really well. They are really informed of our situation (they remember us from our all of our years of infertility hell) and they are all so great about taking the time to talk with us, answer all of our questions, etc. I feel lucky to have such a great team of people on our side.

Anyway, this time I saw one of the male Doctors (and Bobby's favorite). He was great. I pulled out my list of questions and he didn't even bat an eyelash at it's length. I told him my concern about my week of spotting and round ligament pain and mentioned that we wanted an ultrasound so I can see that everything was ok. He agreed and said that it would be a good idea to make sure that the placenta hadn't moved over the cervix (I guess that could be a problem). Then I asked him about some other stuff, like tests we will have to take in the future (glucose and some general blood work), is it ok to travel (yes it is), etc.

Then he took us in for our ultrasound (he stayed a half hour late to do this for us...again, I love these doctors!). First he did a pelvic exam to check my cervix. Everything looked a-ok there. Then we did a tummy ultrasound to see the babies. The looked so wonderful. Lefty had the hiccups...too cute! And Righty had moved positions, so the babies are now still side by side but are touching feet right near the middle of my belly. The were really active. The Dr. said earlier in the appointment that sometimes you can see gender at this point if the babies cooperate, but sadly during this ultrasound they did not. He then checked the placentas and they seemed to look to be in the right area, but he decided to do an internal ultrasound just to be sure.

So, on to the internal ultrasound. Placentas looked good. So he followed the cervix to see if there was anything that would cause concern and that's when we saw what was possible the cause of the spotting. The third sac (now completely empty) was being pushed down by the babies. So, while most of it was being pushed into the uterine wall like it should be, a tiny part of the end of it was being pushed over the opening of the cervix. This really isn't a problem, but more than likely explains the spotting. I don't know why but seeing the cause of the spotting in black and white just took this huge weight off my shoulders. I am a visual person, so to actually physically see something that made sense to me just made me feel a hundred times better.

Anyway, the ultrasound was the end of our appointment. So we went to the front desk and made our next monthly appointment AND our anatomy scan appointment (where we will find out the gender of these little ones).

An anatomy scan sounds pretty cool. It will take 1 hour for each baby - so a big 2 hour ultrasound, woo hoo! They basically check everything from head to toe on each baby, especially the heart chambers, making sure the blood is pumping the right way, the bladder, the lungs, etc. And the fun part is, we will get to know what we are having. This appointment is scheduled for Oct. 16th at 7am and then afterwards I have my regular monthly appointment. (I will be 19 weeks and 3 days). I am so excited for this ultrasound!

I'm know I said I would post a belly picture and I will....this weekend. Bobby and I went on a date after our appointment and frankly we've been so busy that we haven't had a chance to take one. But I promise one soon!

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