Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boo on me (oh, and 16 weeks update)

So, I know, I on me for not posting my belly picture when I said I would. For some reason the fall is always so busy for us. And to be honest at the end of the day when I think about taking a picture, I think hmmmm....I'm not looking all that hot and I've already changed into my comfy I really want the blogworld to see me looking a little haggard?

But finally tonight, I decided to suck it up and have Bobby take a picture. Good or bad, I said I would document this long journey so what you get is a blurry 16 week belly shot of me at the end of a long, long day. Enjoy.

Anyway, I have made it to 16 weeks. This is the magical week when I "could" start to feel the babies moving. No such luck yet...although I have had some gas that I was originally suspicious could be the babies, but turns out it was indeed just gas (TMI, I know...sorry).

I am so excited to feel them that every time I feel anything, I'm like "oooo, I wonder if that was the babies", but then I'm all "no I don't think that's what babies moving feels like". But then I'm like "hey, how the heck would you know what moving babies feels like?".

So, I have decided I will wait until I am absolutely sure that I am feeling these little ones before I make an announcement that I felt the babies. 'Cause that would kind of suck to announce that I felt them move, only to really feel them move a few days later, and realize what I announced was actually gas.

Oh, and Bobby and I are getting antsy to find out the gender of these little ones. Now that I know the date (Oct.16, btw) it feels like Christmas is coming. I wonder how they will tell us...will it be anatomy scan of first baby and at the end they'll tell us what that baby's gender is, but then we'll have to wait for another hour so she can scan the second baby and then tell us the gender of that one? Or will she (oh, the "she" I am referring to is the ultrasound tech) keep the info till the very end and announce it after 2 hours of looking at our little ones? OR will she put us out of our misery and just get right down to it as soon as we get there? These are seriously questions that keep my mind racing at night. I know...get a life Jennifer.

Well, we decided that while we wait we would do some of the old wives tales testing. First we did the Chinese birth chart. Which indicates I have a 50% chance of having a boy and a 50% chance of having a girl. So if we have one of each then this chart is exactly right. We decided the only other test we could do was the wedding ring on a string test...all the others were simply too hard to figure out with twins. So we didn't have string and instead tied my wedding ring to a strand of floss (unused of course). I figured, string...floss...close enough. I had looked up online what the results would mean but did not share the info with Bobby because I didn't want to "taint" the results. (This is all very scientific, as you can tell).

Bobby held the string ring over lefty (or where we think lefty is) and I gotta say we didn't agree on the movement of this one. It looked to me like it was going in a circle, but from Bobby's angle it looked to move from side to side. We tried again and it did look more side to side, so we agreed on that for lefty. For righty, it was definite side to side right away. According to what I read online, side to side means we are having a girl...or in this case 2 girls. This is funny because that is what Bobby thinks we are having and it totally validated his "intuition". I laughed because all day I have been feeling like we are having 2 boys. Wives tales are fun, but at the end of the day they really don't tell ya squat! It will be fun to see if they are accurate though.

All in all I am feeling really good. No complaints what-so-ever. I think I was expecting more issues, but besides being tired (I mean, c'mon...I am growing 2 people here) I don't really feel any different. I do have a little swelling in my hands and my ankles. They aren't quite cankles but they aren't really cute either. I attribute this to the heat and have decided I need to watch my salt intake. I love love love my growing belly and am finally happy to "look" pregnant and not just chunky. I'm thinking I like this second trimester thing :-)

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