Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Upcoming appt. and other stuff

I have an appointment this Thursday. This appointment is just my monthly check-up and what I hope will also be an ultrasound. I am supposed to get one every month but there is some debate over whether or not the ultrasound I had for the down's testing will count as this month's exam. Due to my spotting (which has stopped btw), I am going to insist that they just do a quick one.

Oh, and we got the results back from the "markers" test that looks for certain disorders and everything looks normal and good...so that's a relief!

Things have been going pretty well. Like I said, the spotting has stopped and even the round ligament pain has seemed to ease up except of course at night when I roll from one side to another.

The belly is growing, and growing. I will post a 15 week pic when I post about my appointment on Thursday. We also decided to start measuring my tummy every week...I will Not be posting these numbers but I will be able to say "I grew 2 inches in a week", so that will be fun. I am pretty much out of my regular clothes. The Bel.la Band is still working pretty good for my jeans, but my shirts are pretty much all to short and my belly likes to hang out the bottom which is not the sexiest thing in the world. Luckily for me, I have the best mom in the world and she took me on a little maternity shopping spree over the weekend. I now have clothes that fit (some with plenty of room to grow). Who knew maternity pants could be so darn comfy?

The weird thing is what's happening with my belly button. No, it's not "popping out". Instead it looks like this giant saucer under my shirt. The stinkin thing is huge! I am told it's because I have a normally deep belly button and because I am carrying the babies high. Hopefully when the babies start moving around, they will go under my belly button and push some of the "dip" out, but for now I guess I will have to live with the saucer button - so lovely. Oh, and I am getting that faint little line down my tummy. I can't remember what this is called, but I always thought "oh, I hope I don't get that". Now that I see it though, it's not that bad, and just another visual sign that yes, I am actually pregnant! (you would think that would stop surprising me at some point!)

I'll update on Thursday with the details of my appointment, and hopefully new pics of the babes!

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