Wednesday, September 30, 2009

17 weeks

I am 17 weeks pregnant. Wow! Time is flying by...since 20 weeks is the halfway mark for those pregnant with a singleton, the 18/19 week mark is halfway for people with twins (or so I am told). I can't believe I am almost halfway through this pregnancy. I sometimes wish time would slow down just a little bit because I am enjoying it so much and am pretty sure I won't be getting this experience again.

I am still growing, and growing. I will post another picture when I am at the 19 or 20 week mark. I can definitely tell a difference just in this past week, but I doubt it would come across as a dramatic growth in a picture. I am pretty much out of all my old clothes which is fine because the maternity clothes are much more comfy. I've been slathering my belly with lots of goodies in the hopes that I will avoid a bunch of stretch marks. I haven't gotten any yet, but I know it's still early.

Things are still going smoothly. I feel weird saying that because it is almost like I am tempting fate. But I can honestly say I feel really good. I did start to have a minor freak out about all of the things we need to buy and the fact that I really need to start going through Connor's old stuff to see what I still have. But Bobby calmed me down and told me that once we know the gender of the babies, then we can start freaking out :-) So for the next few weeks I am going to try to put any baby planning out of my mind and just enjoy being pregnant.

Oh, there is one new weird thing...I have been getting terribly achy legs when I sleep. Not really leg cramps, more just an achy feeling always about halfway through the night. I think this is probably from sleeping on my sides when I am so used to sleeping on my back. Oh, how I miss sleeping on my back. I know some people say back sleeping is ok but I was directed to stop when I hit 16 weeks because it can cut off the blood flow to the uterus (and in turn the babies) - yikes. So now I keep a pillow behind me when I sleep so if on the off chance I end up on back, I am not laying totally flat but at more of an incline. Oh, the things we do... Anyway, I'm not sure what to do about the achy legs. I heard putting pillows under my feet might help, but I gotta be honest...I think adding any more pillows to our bed might mean there will be no room left for Bobby and I'm not sure he's on board with that. Then I heard that I need to drink milk or eat a banana before bed. So, I guess I will try all of these things, but if anyone has any advice on this one, I am all ears.

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I'll update again at 18 weeks and I promise to have something interesting to say :-)

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