Friday, July 10, 2009

5 weeks, 2 days...

...that is officially how pregnant I am. Don't you love that they count clear back to when the date of your last period was - or in an IVFers case, the date of when your last period would have been if you weren't so hopped up on hormones. It makes it feel like time is just flying by.

So, I had my appointment this morning. Bobby was able to make the trip with me because I was having a blood draw and we were getting our first ultrasound (Yes, it is still an internal ultrasound).

I would like to say that it was really changing. Yet, it was really hard to see anything. My ovaries are really, really swollen. So much so, that they are actually touching eachother. This made getting the little wand thingy to my uterus difficult. He had to maneuver it in all different directions - I was like, c'mon guy...give me a break. How would you like it if I twisted that thing all around your insides?

Anywho, we finally saw my uterus and were able to see that the number of babies we are having is.......

Um, yeah...we couldn't get a good look. We could see one sac, so we know we are pregnant - but there is a chance that he glimpsed more than one, but he can't be sure. I asked him how many he thought we were having and he said "time will tell". Thanks buddy, so apparently we are having anywhere between 1 and God knows how many babies. Hopefully next week, we will get a better pic. They did send me home with an ultrasound picture, but I'm not posting it because it is really just a picture of my uterus with an arrow where the above mentioned sac looked to be but wasn't caught on camera. And I know you must all feel like, at this point, you have an intimate relationship with my uterus, but there really is no need to show the darn thing to the whole world at this point.

My nurse called a little bit ago and told me my numbers look great! My beta numbers are rising as they should and my progesterone and estrace are still on track. Yay! I did have the chance to ask some questions:
  1. Q) When can I have sex and resume exercise? A) Today! Yay for today. I just have to keep my heart rate below 140 and do light activity (for exercise, although maybe that applies to sex too - lol!)
  2. Q) What week am I in? A) K- I was pretty sure I knew the answer to this, but I wanted to know exactly. 5 weeks and 2 days
  3. Q) Due date? A) March 9th :-)
  4. Q) How much longer do I see the Dr in Spokane before I am transferred to my local OBGYN? A) 3 more weeks. I go every Friday for three weeks and then I am officially done at the Center. Woo - hoo!

Now for my symptoms: -

  • Nausea has stopped (for now)
  • Breasts still sore, but hasn't gotten worse
  • Not very tired, but everyone keeps asking me if I am exhausted. Should I be?
  • Sweets do not appeal to me, but give me something salty and I will love it! Plus, I feel like I can eat tacos at every meal - which is funny because I have a friend who is newly pregnant that says the same thing.
  • Cramping...I had some pretty bad cramping the other night. When I stand up I will get a pulling sensation on one side or the other (I think this might be my ovaries being so swollen).

My next appointment is next Friday. I am sure I will post at least once before then...


Sally said...

Did you really have to share the "sex" part with the whole world? :) ...seriously sister somethings just are not meant to be shared.

Jennifer said...

So sorry if that was TMI - I thought it was funny :-)