Friday, July 17, 2009

6w2d (6 Weeks, 2 Days)

Well, I am officially 1/2 way through my first tri-mester - woo hoo!

I had an appointment in Spokane today, and Bobby worked extra hard all week so that he could make the time to come with me this morning. It is so nice to have him there for these appointments, and I thought he would only be able to make it to the first one, so it was such a wonderful surprise.

When we got there we had a bit of a wait. There were a few other couples there before us. I had my blood drawn and when I got the call from my nurse later in the day, I was told everything looked great. In fact, my progesterone levels are so good that I could actually go down to 1/2 mml (to start the weaning process) but because protocol says wait until 39 days post transfer, that's what they are having me do. So next Friday I will knock my progesterone dose down for another 7 days or so and more shots!!! You have no idea how thrilling this news is for me. I have had hundreds of shots this year and I can honestly say I will not miss them one bit.

Then we had our ultrasound.

We were planning to keep the number of baby/babies we are having a secret. But anyone that knows us, knows that we are not really the secret keeping type. Hence this blog where I share every stinkin intimate detail. So, anyway...last week on my blog I said that he for sure could see one sac but there was the potential for more. hee hee, hee hee. Well, that wasn't entirely truthful.

You see, what the Dr. actually saw were 2 little sacs, and possibly a third. hee hee. So we've known for a week that we are in fact at least having TWINS!!! The iffy part was whether or not we were having triplets.

So, today we went in and saw the most beautiful site ever (well 2nd most beautiful site...the first of course being seeing my son born). We saw the heartbeats. Both babies were growing right on target, and both babies had strong heartbeats - 118 and 120 respectively. It was so cool to see. Bobby said it looked like they were shining little flashlights and turning them on and off, on and off. We didn't get to hear it - too soon for that, but seeing it was still pretty darn cool.

The doctor then asked if I had any bleeding. I said "no" but felt slightly freaked out. He told me there is definitely a third one in there and that it is growing a bit, but that it is separating from my uterus and doesn't have a heartbeat. This was tough to hear. Don't get me wrong...triplets scare the heck out of me...but still we felt sort of sad that it wasn't progressing like the other two. He said it was unlikely that it would "rebound" and we are most likely for sure looking at Twins. Holy Moly...2 babies!

Anyway, so that is our news. As always, I'm still not announcing to the world at large till the 12th week, so please, please don't post anything on facebook.

Oh, my next appt is next Friday but because their office will be closed for vacations, my blood work and ultrasound will be down here (yay for not having to drive 2 hours). I am excited for the next appt., but feel so much more at ease now that I have seen the little hearts beating. I occasionally have those thoughts of "it's still early" etc, etc, but then I think to myself...why shouldn't I have a healthy pregnancy - stop being all doom and gloom and enjoy it. So that's what I am trying to do. IVF makes you so worried about everything, I swear.

Ok, now for the symptoms:
  • I have nausea. This comes and goes and I wouldn't call it severe by any means. Some days I have none, some days I have it for a little bit, then it goes away. I have found that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or banana nut bread make my tummy feel a lot better. My good friend told me that she was told peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were great because of the protein, and I think she's right. I think I may be in for more nausea as I was told symptoms are intensified with multiples.
  • Hunger! I am hungry. I am hungry nearly all the time. I will feel starved, but then I will just eat a few bites and feel full - sometimes. Sometimes, I am so freakin hungry I will eat like I'm in a competition. Oddly, last week I lost 4 pounds. And now I am holding steady. You would think I would be gaining weight like wild fire with all this eating. (I am trying to keep it healthy and stick with a lot of what my acupuncturist told me to do). I know it is early but I definetly feel like I am eating for 3 :-)
  • Sore breasts - yeah, not so much. They were in the beginning, but now just a teeny tiny bit.
  • Sleepiness. Ok, I admit it. There were 2 days where I was exhausted. But those 2 days also happened to be really busy days. Everyone told me to take a nap at work. But I actually feel energetic during the day. It is at about 6pm that I start to get really tired. I've been going to bed shortly after Connor, so I am certain I am getting plenty of sleep. I just thought I would feel much more tired. I guess maybe that is still to come. Or, I am used to being tired because I am chasing a toddler all of the time.
  • Bloated. I have the pregnancy bloat. My stomach is gross. It already looks like I am pregnant. Luckily this is going away, and my ovaries are slowly going back to their normal size. I can still button my pants, so that's good news. I was told with twins, I can expect my pants to start feeling a little snug around the 9th week and then things move pretty quickly from there. Oh, and I'll add this here because I don't think it warrents it's own bullet: Gas. It has to be said. And I know, I know...TMI. But seriously, I have it...bad.

Well folks, that's about all for today. I'm glad to share our news with the blogworld, and can't wait for the day we can share it with the whole world. Oh, and originally we weren't going to find out the sex of the baby (when we thought we might have one) but now we are thinking maybe we should. Other mommies...I would love to hear your thoughts. We found out with Connor, so the surprise might be nice, but how do you prepare for 2 babies if you don't the sex!?! Thoughts?


Nicole said...

I can't believe all the information you shared in here! So surprised! However, I am of course super, super, super happy for you and Bobby!!!!! :)

As far as the sex goes, DON'T FIND OUT! There have been no surprises thus far, as IVF is so planned an precise. Let it be a surprise. Just my opinion...

Sally said...

I love how in your whole post today you use "we" except when you speak of the single best moment in life so far when: "my son was born" What? no love for Bobby being a part of that equation?

Jennifer said...

Yes, I did share a lot of info. I kind of wanted this blog to serve as a journal so I could remember this crazy journey, and figured if I was fibbing in the blog...I was only lying to myself :-)

I am sure Connor being born was an awesome moment for Bobby as well. But as you know, I like to claim life changing events as just my own. Such as: "my wedding", "my anniversary", etc. And as you well know, Sally, I also like to claim family members, such as "my dad" when in fact he is our dad. What does that say about me?

Roberta said...

I am so, so, so happy for you. And I say find out, only because I think that it is a surprise either way. Either you are surprised at months 4 or 5 (I can't remember) or you are surprised at delivery. Plus you will need to decorate and buy stuff and you are limited to yellow, green and now I suppose tan. Plus, the rest of us can start shopping earlier if you find out. Thus more goodies!

Love ya,
Your Auntie and their Great Auntie!

Manila said...

Jennifer and Bobby,
Congratulations! Twins are a great gift...(sometimes) I know they will bring you great joy....I knew about Tyson was a boy because he was head up but Tyler was a maybe you could get the best of both world..Know what one is and be suprised by the other.
I'm so happy for you ...
Aunt Manila

Cameo said...

OMG I have tears of joy in my eyes as I read this. Congratulations to all of you. Boy oh boy. What a long road this has been for you and I'm just so happy for you. P.S. THERE ARE SO MANY TWINS!!!!!! Many friends of mine have had them in the past year and you are the second announcement just TODAY I am hearing about. :)

Loraena said...

Oh wow! I just popped over here and saw your news! How wonderful!