Friday, July 24, 2009

A little over 7 weeks

I would like to say time is flying, but this past week has gone by really, really slowly. Last Friday, we were awoken to Connor screaming...only to find that he had thrown up, massive amounts, in his bed. Uh-oh...looks like the summer stomach bug has hit our house. We got everything cleaned up and then repeated this process 2 more times. Yuck! I was exhausted the next day from being up all night and washing my hands like crazy, hoping the germs wouldn't pass to me.

No such luck. I had been generally queasy all weekend, off and on (thanks morning sickness), so when I felt sick on Monday morning I didn't think too much of it. But as the day progressed, I felt horrible. Nausea, fever, chills...the whole sha-bang. Guess what...when you get the flu and you have morning sickness, you are basically in nausea hell. The stomach queasiness is intensified to a level I have never felt before. I cried. I wanted to die. And the worst part was, I couldn't be sure that it was the stomach bug...I mean, I assumed it was, but in the back of my mind I thought, "OMG, what if this is what I am going to feel like for the next 5 weeks!?!". I was not a happy camper. Luckily 2 days later, I was on the mend and sadly enough was happy to just feel the same level of morning sickness I had felt prior to the stomach bug. It's not fun, but comparatively, it is heaven.

Anyway, so today I had my blood work and ultrasound. This is the week that I had to do it locally because my Dr. was on vacation. So I was sent to Pullman Regional Hospital (that's where they do this type of thing before you start at your regular OB). Connor was with me today because he and I are on vacation for the next week. Bobby couldn't make it because it was at 10am which was kind of in the middle of what he was doing. I didn't mind much, at this point I knew there wouldn't be anything too much different than last week.

I thought when Connor and I were done, we would go have lunch with a group of people from my work. So, we go in and the blood draw goes great. Only Connor decides today is the day he will tell random strangers that I have babies in my tummy. Yep, he would tell anyone that would listen. Ok, well, scratch lunch. I can't risk him outing me to the people at work.

Then we went in for my ultrasound. I was told this would be a belly one, to drink a bunch of water. When I got there, they changed their minds - oh, joy...another internal ultrasound. And lucky me, there was an intern in there, so I got to be a lesson plan. The ultrasound tech started the exam. (*side note...Connor sat in a chair quietly for 40 minutes as they did this exam! 40 minutes and not a peep or general disaster from boredom. What a champ *)
So anyway, I explain to her that we know there are 2 still "going" and that there is a third one that probably won't make it. She literally looked at me with her mouth wide open. "I've never done a triplet ultrasound before"... I'm like, no, no...not triplets. Just twins. The third likely won't make it. It didn't have a heartbeat. She informed me that if there are three sacs in there that technically right now, I am having triplets. I do not like this women...I want my regular doctor.

She starts measuring the babies. Baby A (the one that probably won't keep going). Has in fact not separated, and because they have a fancy Doppler ultrasound, they think they see a faint, slight heartbeat. Say what, now huh? There wasn't a hearbeat last week. Well, they can't be sure. "Stop breathing", I am instructed. Okey dokey. Holding my breath, holding my breath. There. There was a teeny tiny little orange flicker. She pulled out the graph heartbeat, flatline. She told me it's not showing up on the graph, but she thinks there might be a faint heartbeat. That baby is only measuring at barely 6 weeks. Way behind the others...

Ok, now on to the other two. Baby B and C are measuring great. Perfect, right on track. Heartbeats are 143 and 144. This is really good and strong. And these little bambinos are already taking up their fair share of real uterus is getting a little crowded. Below is a picture. The three black spots are the gestational sacs. You can see the little babies in the bottom 2 (which are B and C) the top one is Baby A. There is a tiny spot in there, but it's hard to see.

She measured my ovaries and my left is almost back to normal, but my right is still 3 times the normal size. No wonder I am still bloated.

I am finally let go. Connor and I head to the park, then home for a lovely 3 hour nap while I wait for the call from my nurse.

When she finally called, I have to admit...I was slightly freaked out that we thought we were having twins but the ultrasound tech seems to think we are having triplets. My nurse told me not to get too attached to Baby A, that things haven't really improved from last week, and she thinks that it may keep progressing at a small rate, but eventually will stop and be re-absorbed or I may have spotting. She told me that there is a small chance (just as we were told last week) but it isn't likely. Then she told me that next week is my last appointment with them and I will be released into the general population (that sounds a little prison like, but whatever). I told her I didn't think I was ready to be "released" and she reassured me that things would be fine and that she was always a phone call away. I also told her about my nausea (not throwing up, mind you. Just nauseous to the point I almost wish I would throw up for some relief. Ugh!). She told me that I just have to push through. To make sure I'm drinking lots of water, and to remember that I technically have 3 gestational sacs and all the hormones that go with them, so my symptoms might be intensified. I literally have no other symptoms other than nausea right now. Ok, maybe a little sleepiness, but truly mainly just nausea.

Then she told me the most wonderful these ears have heard since hearing I was pregnant. I have 7, yes...count them...S E V E N days of shots left! Woo hoo!!! And tonight I get to knock my progesterone shot dosage down to half and my estrace pill down by half as well. Yay, yay, yay! I am so excited. If I never have to have another shot in my ass, it will be too soon.

Ok, now for symptoms:

  • NAUSEA!!! I feel yucky. Not all the time. Some times I feel great. But the times I do have nausea are miserable moments. I have learned to eat a saltine when I get up at 3am (every stinkin night) to use the bathroom. This helps ward off the morning upset tummy. The time I feel the worst is between noon and 2:30pm and then a little in the evening.

  • Tired. Mainly still at the end of the day.

  • Aversions: Eggs. Even typing the word makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • Must haves: umm, crispy chicken sandwich from M.cD.onalds. Ok, I know this is neither good for me or the babies. But give me a break. I am down 6 pounds. No matter what I eat I keep losing or at the least, not gaining. And for some reason at 3pm when my queasiness has subsided, all I can think about is a crispy chicken sandwich. I literally have to have it. No other cravings really. Although I was reminded that 2 days before my beta test (pregnancy test) I told my mom I had to call her because I was about 2 seconds away from eating a spoonful of sour cream. Gross. I know. I thought it was because I needed dairy. But even thinking about wanting to eat a spoonful of sour cream grosses me out. I promise you, I have never done that before in my life, but that day... I almost did. Hmmmm...early craving maybe?

Next week is my last appointment. I am sure I will blog at least once before then. Happy Weekend everyone.

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Nicole said...

Having so much fun reading about your appointments and pregnancy experiences! Love the ultrasound neat to see all three sacs. Wow!