Sunday, July 5, 2009

Results are here....

That's right test was BFP...Positive...I am officially, as of this moment, pregnant!!!
Now, before you get all excited, (which trust me, I am excited too!) please remember it is really, really early and that right now, while loving that I am pregnant and soaking in every moment, I am moving forward with cautious optimism. That being said.....holy s&!@!!! I'm actually pregnant!
Ok, now for the details of my week. I went in for my test on Wednesday, July 1st. I was really nervous because I really did keep trying to imagine getting that positive phone call, but my mind just kept going back to the negative phone call and I felt like it just wasn't in the cards for me. Granted I had been having some cramping - it was like a band of achiness across my entire abdomen. And I had been gassy (sorry if that's TMI, but it's the truth). However, I also broke out terribly on my chin, which normally means AF is on her way. But then, it happened...I was getting my pjs on the night before my test and I looked down at my chest and saw big, bright blue, (neon blue almost) veins. These veins were new to me - never seen them before and I had a feeling.

Not a, "k, I know I'm pregnant feeling" but more of a "omigosh, maybe I could be pregnant" feeling. I called Bobby in to look and got the normal male response - he didn't really notice anything different. So I kind of brushed it off.
So I go in, have my blood drawn (no waiting in the waiting room because there was only one other person there) and then I got in the car for the 2 hour drive home. My plan was to be at my house, just as I had planned all the times before. But as usual things didn't go quite as planned. My phone rang at 8:15am. It was the dr.'s office. NEVER in the past year have I gotten a phone call back that early, and when I saw the number, I knew. I just knew...I was pregnant. I picked up the call and my nurse made a little small talk - get to the good stuff already!
Finally, she told me "congratulations, your pregnant". I screamed, then asked her if she was messing with me because it was a really mean joke. She assured me that she was in fact very serious and that as soon as she saw my numbers she had to call right away. My numbers...oh, yeah...what were my numbers? She told me that my beta number was 224! That this is a fantastic number. Then, as I am still freaking out, she told me to pull my car over because she was scared I was going to get in an accident. Which was probably a good thing because I think I had forgotten I was driving at that point. She instructed me to come back to the dr. for a second blood test on Friday to confirm by having my numbers double. I told her I would be there, hung up the phone, and made some important calls: to Bobby of course, family and one close friend who I swore to secrecy (thanks EJ!). All gave me the most wonderful reaction (actually Bobby didn't believe me because I was calling so early, but soon he decided that I wasn't lying and was a little shocked, but very happy!) and I was floating on cloud nine the entire drive home.
So, I get home and have to call to refill my progesterone because I was almost out. Looks like I will be giving shots for another couple of months. Then I had to run to the store, and figured while I was there why not pick up a little hpt just for fun.
That's right, I took a home pregnancy test. After 6 years of seeing only 1 pink line, you can imagine my elation when not a second after I took the test did both pink lines show up. And they weren't a little faint pink, those suckers were dark pink. Bobby laughed at me because he thought it was funny that we paid a dr. over $30,000 to tell us we were pregnant, but I needed to take a $13 hpt to confirm it :-)
Anyway, on with my long story. I went in on Friday (since my mom was in town, she took the drive with me) and had my second test. The nurse left me a message because I forgot my phone.
*side note: forgetting my phone was actually pretty hilarious because everyone in my family was freaking out that I would miss the phone call and I was the only calm one...which is kind of weird for me.*
Anyway, the nurse said that my numbers more than doubled (awesome). So yay for me! She told me that I need to go back to the dr. next Friday at 7am for bloodwork and an ultrasound. Yay for me again!
I still kind of can't believe it. Since finding out, I have had a few symptoms but nothing too big. I am bloated which is mostly from the progesterone I think. Other than that, I don't really feel different. With the 4th of July weekend, Bobby and I haven't even had a chance to talk about it really. We are excited, and are hoping and praying that we can see this pregnancy through without complications. We're taking it day by day...but finally, finally, I can say that I am pregnant :-)
Oh, one thing...I am sort of keeping this on the dl outside of the blogworld, so if you're a facebook friend of mine...please don't congrats me and mention this little life changing event yet. I'm not telling work until later and some of the people I work with are on there. Plus it's so early that although I don't mind blogging about it, it feels weird to let the whole world know when it is so early and so much can happen still. I will update again after my appointment on Friday.
Till then....

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