Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spotting *Update*

Well, the spotting has begun. I'm a little sad. I know it's weird to be sad because I was in no way, shape or form prepared to be pregnant with 3 babies, or even to take care of 3 little ones at one time. But still, it gave it it's best shot.

Today I woke up and felt like my period was about to start. I layed on the couch (yes, I went from laying in bed to laying on the's rainy here, and a lazy Sunday. Don't judge me). So anyway, I felt kind of crampy, so I layed on the couch and then it felt like my period started. I went to the bathroom and sure enough, I was bleeding.

At this point, one part of my brain is saying "you know this was going to happen. Don't freak out. The other 2 babies are going to be fine".

The other part of my brain is saying, "how can I be sure that the bleeding is from that third one? What if knocking down my dosages is affecting all of them? How much spotting is normal spotting?"

Because even when you are told that you are likely going to spot...seeing blood when you are pregnant is scary. It just is. There is no way around it.

So, now I am waiting for tomorrow, so I can call my nurse and report the spotting. I am sure she will make me feel a lot better about the whole thing. But in the meantime, it's just weird. What do I do? Do I go about my business while spotting? It feels insensitive and weird to just ignore it. Do I lay around all day just in case there is something going on with the other be on the safe side? Well, Bobby and I decided that I would kind of take it easy. I'm not on bed rest or anything, but I haven't done much of anything today. I think that's a good compromise.

Ok, I'll probably blog about what my nurse says about the spotting. I know this is riveting stuff :-) Till then.....

*I spoke to my nurse and she said to take it easy. Stay sitting, put my feet up. Basically take myself back to all of the rules of transfer exercise, no sex, minimum movement, etc. She told me the spotting is probably nothing, but to be really cautious this week and if the bleeding becomes more than spotting to call her and they will get me in for an ultrasound right away. Otherwise, I just need to wait until Friday to figure out what's going on. This was not really the reassurance I thought I would get. So, now I'm holding my breath till Friday hoping that the ultrasound will show that everything is still on track. I'll update after that appointment.

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Cameo said...

Hi Jen, I'm so sorry for the stress you're going through! I'm going to say what I'm about to say in an attmept to ease your fears because these words helped me when I was pregnant with Caedie. When I was 9 weeks along, I was spotting. It ended up being nothing but until I got to the doctor, I didn't know that. So, the feel better part: You saw the heartbeats! That alone should be a reassurance. At this point in your pregnancy, the fact that you have heartbeats gives you great odds (like, 90% that you will carry these babies successfully). So, keep taking it easy love, and I hope tomorrow your fears are eased. <3