Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That is the sound I am making this week.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief for making it to my 12th week of pregnancy. Yay me! I'm also saying "ahhhh" because I have finally given in and am rubber banding the button on my pants. That's right people, that sound you hear is me being comfortable in my jeans with the button unbuttoned.

I'm not quite ready for maternity clothes, although I am getting close. It's so funny because I am definitely showing...not just a little baby bump either. In fact, I thought maybe I was too big so I googled to see other twin baby bumps at 12 weeks, and I look right on track. I guess I am so used to seeing my friends pregnant with one baby, that I didn't realize how different my belly would look from theirs at this stage.

Anywho, so things have been going rather smoothly (*knock on wood*). Any pregnancy symptoms have still seemed to disappear - obviously excluding the earlier mention of my growing belly. I have no nausea, and my energy level feels pretty good. I'm not really retaining water, and the boobs are feeling a-ok.

I can say that I have gained a couple pounds - directed by doctor and not as easy as it sounds. You would think that someone already overweight would be able to pack them on when needed, but eating has really been a problem. Don't get me wrong, I can eat pretty much anything - no aversions here...but I can only eat a little bit at a time or else I am incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe this is because I am really short waisted and there isn't much room in there, but I seriously have to split my meals into 2 (or sometimes 3) portions and eat them over the course of several hours.

Now that we are settling in to this pregnancy we did make 2 purchases for the babies. I told Bobby that I didn't want to jinx what we were having by buying pink or blue things yet, but we saw some really cute burp cloths, and although they are blue...they could work for girls. So we bought those.

*OK, let me just say that I know some of you are probably thinking "wow, how bought burp cloths (sarcasm)" and I realize that this doesn't seem exciting. But we are realistic people...we have had a baby and we know the things that are needed. And frankly, burp cloths have gotten darn cute since Connor was a baby, so we couldn't resist.

Now, where was I....oh, yes. Purchasing items. So the other thing that we (or actually Bobby did this by himself) bought was a cute little PINK onesie. Yes. He did. If we end up with 2 boys I am going to blame him for jinxing us. I'm ok with having 2 boys (which would bring my total to 3) but I just wanted to wait to buy gender stuff till we know for sure what we are having. So anyway, now we have this super cute, pink, U of I Vandal, onesie. So, if we end up with twin boys, then one of my lucky friends having a girl this year will end up with said super cute, pink U of I Vandal, onesie :-)

Oh, and as most of you have seen...I have finally announced this pregnancy to the whole world. Ok, maybe not the whole world, but pretty much anyone that vaguely knows me at all, now knows that we are expecting.

I have my ultrasound on Tuesday to check for possible problems with the babies. Fingers crossed that the ultrasound goes smoothly. I will update on Tuesday to fill you all in and to give my little weekly update. Pictures soon, I promise!

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