Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a week!

First of all, everything is fine in the baby department. We had an eventful weekend...Bobby had to have an emergency surgery due to his appendix bursting. He's been in the hospital since Saturday and was finally released today. Woo hoo!

This has been an exhausting last couple of days and to be honest I haven't even had time to think about being pregnant. And since all my symptoms have virtually disappeared I haven't really felt all that pregnant.

I did have my appointment with one of the local OB's. My appointment that I had before was just an ultrasound so this one was nice because I actually got to talk to a Dr. When I first went in the nurse said that they wanted to find the heartbeats with the Doppler. She found one right away but had trouble finding the other one. My heart started racing because it took her forever to finally find the 2nd one and when she did she said she was having a hard time keeping it. When the Dr. came in, she said let's just do an ultrasound really quick to check. Oh, darn...another ultrasound :-) So we did the ultrasound and I was so happy because both babies are still doing great. Their heartbeats are both strong and they've actually grown since Friday. (It's my 11th week, and they are each the size of large lime) Plus, it was hilarious because we realized why we weren't able to hear the 2nd hb for very long. Baby B was dancing like crazy. It actually looked like it was dancing to music. It has us all cracking literally didn't stop moving during the whole ultrasound. Too funny.

I was told to take an extra folic acid, and extra iron and the expecta pill as well as my prescription prenatal vitamin. I feel like a pill popping fool because they all have to be taken at different times. I'm still showing just a little. I will be happy when I am actually looking pregnant because right now it looks like I just had one too many beers over the weekend.

I did tell the people at work that I am pregnant with twins. They were all really supportive. Hopefully this won't affect me having my job extended past Dec. If I don't have a job after Dec. I will just stay home for awhile and enjoy the end of my pregnancy...that might actually not be that bad.

Sorry this update isn't too exciting. I had some blood work this week, and in 2 weeks I will have an ultrasound to check for "markers" to see if there are any problems with the babies. My next appointment is in 1 month. I will have an ultrasound every month to check the progress on these little ones, it seems like a long time to wait but I know I am lucky because most women only have 2 or 3 ultrasounds their whole pregnancy.

I will update again in week or so. I'm probably going to announce to the whole world at 12 weeks (next Wed), so those of you that are waiting for me to finally say something don't have too much longer to wait. I'll also be posting weekly updates here and possibly a belly pictures to show my progress. So anyone interested in that can keep checking in.

Till next time....

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Sue said...

I'm sorry to hear about the appendicitis but so glad your hubby is healthy again and recovering! Great news on the ultrasounds and on your beautiful babies! I have a rental home doppler and can always find the hb now but it comes and goes once I find it and we discovered the same thing- she just moves around too much! Not a bad thing:-)

Thanks for the comment on my made me feel better. I was a little huffy about the injustice of it all.