Monday, August 3, 2009

oh, almost are the pics (newest post is below this one)

On these pictures, you can see the crown to rump measurement by looking at the red crosses. They are kind of hard to see (If you click on the pictures, they get bigger). Sorry not the best pics - in person they are a lot clearer.
Baby B is our straggler and measures 1 week behind the other two. * To clear up any confusion...the babies labels will change over time. What was baby A last week is now baby B. This is due to how they view them. Baby A will always be the baby closest to my cervix, baby B in the middle, and baby C at the top. So if they move positions they will change labels.

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Cameo said...

Okay. I love the ultrasound pictures (I think it takes a fellow mommy to appreciate them) and your triplet widget! How cute is that? I love how they just kind of roll and bounce around in there. :)