Friday, August 7, 2009

Normal is weird

So I am officially a normal pregnant person. It's weird. This is the first week I don't have an ultrasound on a Friday and it just feels weird to not be able to see in there and know exactly what is going on with these babies. How do you normal preggos do it?

I went to my meet and greet with the nurse earlier this week. She was very nice and told me that they have another women who is having triplets who is in her 7th month. Crazy. So I asked the nurse how many triplet pregnancies they have seen and she said in the 20 years since she's been here...4. So with me, that will be 5. Ok, that's not very reassuring. She did tell me after I meet with one of their Dr.'s I will be referred to the specialist, so I can see both local docs and the guy in Spokane. I asked if I could go ahead and call and make an appt with this specialist and she told me that you can't just call this guy. You have to be referred to be a patient of his. Well, isn't that hoyty toyty. So now I wait...

Oh, she did tell me that the women who is having triplets, just now had to go on modified bedrest and it looks like she will probably make it to the 36 week mark. Awesome. That gives me hope that things will go smoothly for me as well. My 36 week mark is Feb. 10th. That's my goal for these babies to arrive. I am told that most docs don't let you go past that point because there just simply isn't any more room for the little bambinos. I guess, on average, a person carrying triplets will appear to be full term at just 20 weeks. So you singleton preggos out there can feel sorry for me because when you are at the end of your pregnancy and feeling uncomfortable, just know that I will be there at 20 weeks, and I still have (hopefully) at least 16 more weeks of growing. Just call me shamu! I can still wear my clothes, but next week might be a different story - because everything about my pants fits, but the the button area is getting a little snug.

My ultrasound next week was originally scheduled for the beginning of the week at the hospital, but apparently the office ultrasound tech doesn't think they do a great job, so she is insisting that I go to her (I think she secretly just wants to see the trips, but whatever). She was able to squeeze me in next Friday at 7am. That wasn't really as soon as I was hoping, but at least there will have been enough time between ultrasounds that we should really have a good idea about the straggler.

Things have been going pretty smoothly. My nausea has almost disappeared. I only seem to have it when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I just started going to the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal, and then head back to bed. I have had some pretty bad insomnia, but even that seems to be subsiding.

My mom sent me this really great book about when you are expecting twins, triplets or more. It has awesome info. It breaks down what I should be eating: protein, grains, dairy, etc. And being the somewhat anal person that I am, I made myself a little excel chart so I can keep track of what I am eating to be sure I get enough from all the categories. Clearly I have too much time on my hands.

Ok, Here is the most up to date info:
  • Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. I have been taking a nap during my lunch hour on my little loveseat. I didn't realize what a tremendous help this was until yesterday when I didn't get to take one and literally could not keep my eyes open in the afternoon.
  • Nausea is going away - hurray!
  • Sciatic nerve is hurting. I was warned about this, but it is uncomfortable.
  • Feel full all the time. I can only eat small portions but my stomach always feels full, even when it is growling.
  • Food aversions - still depends on the day
  • Cravings - none. These seemed to have gone away. Weird.

Till next time.....

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Cameo said...

I had a little chuckle about your napping on the loveseat at lunch. Never underestimate the power of a little snooze when pregnant. When I worked in the detention center, I had 2 fifteen minute breaks on an 8-hour shift. Each one, I'd head out to my car, crank up the air conditioning or heat (depending on the season), set my cell phone alarm and crash. LOL. Happy napping!