Monday, August 3, 2009

Almost 9 weeks

So on Wednesday I will be 9 weeks pregnant. Only 3 more weeks of the first trimester, and hopefully the end to my nausea. It has actually gotten a lot better lately, but it is still there looming in the background.

The weirdest thing about the 9 week mark to me, is that it made me think back to when we brought Connor home after he was born...we brought him home roughly 9 weeks from when we found out that we were adopting him. It's so weird to me...9 weeks is such a short amount of time, but back then we had nothing to reference so it just seemed normal to us. 9 weeks to prepare for a would be like bringing these babies home on weird. And when I look back on that time, I am so proud of Bobby and myself. We handled it pretty smoothly and it gives me hope that we will be able to handle this situation with the same amount of grace.

Anyway, I made my local doctor appt today. I am going in tomorrow at 9am to meet with a nurse and do some paperwork. This is a prelim meeting that they make everyone do. Then the receptionist told me that none of the dr.'s would be available until the 17th. Yikes! That is 2 weeks away and if they are going to refer me to a specialist in Spokane, I would like to get the ball rolling on that. So I simply explained that I am expecting triplets and waiting until the 17th would not work for me. (I hope I don't go from being referred to as a "high risk" pregnancy to a "high maintenance" pregnant person). Anyway, she said that Dr. Richards was working in a clinic on Tues. and Thurs. till noon and maybe he could stay late and see me. Then she told me she would call him and call me back.

A short while later, I did receive a phone call...from Dr. Richards himself. Nice. He was really great on the phone. Made it seem like having triplets was no big deal - I am thinking I love this man. I told him my concern about waiting till the 17th and he squeezed me in next week instead. Then he told me that they will refer me to a specialist in Spokane but that I will continue to see the Moscow dr.'s as well. I will basically see them simultaneously. There is a chance that I might be able to deliver these babies in Moscow or Pullman. Woo hoo! That was a big relief for me. But on the chance that I have a lot of complications, they want me to be familiar with a specialist in Spokane so that someone up there is familiar with us and I with them. Makes sense to me. All in all, I hung up the phone feeling about 1 million times better about this pregnancy than I had been feeling. Thank you Dr. Richards!

I have been feeling pretty good off and on lately. In fact, I had a brief amount of time with no nausea and a bunch of energy. Unfortunately I was at the store picking up a prescription and thought since I felt so good, maybe I should purchase a few things.

Ok...note to not let a pregnant (with 3 babies) person, who is hungry and feeling like she could actually eat anything, loose in a grocery store. I'm telling you people - I bought the most random s&*#! Hmmm...oh ranch dressing sounds good. With what? I don't know. Do we even need ranch dressing? Who the cart it goes. Oooooh, toaster strudels. I haven't purchased these since sophomore year in college, but suddenly I feel the need to throw them in my cart. Black beans and unsalted almonds? Sure. You can never have enough of those...cart 'em.

You get the picture.

I left there $100 poorer and sadly with my nausea returning, now nothing sounds good for dinner.

Ok, here are the most up to date symptoms:
  • Nausea. Yeah, this isn't new, but it is list worthy.
  • Sleepiness. Ok, I'm tired. Really, really tired.
  • Starting to show a little bit. I know this because my stomach, which not normally flat anyway, now has an even more round shape and my pants are just a wee bit tight. This could still be bloat. But the dr. did say it isn't uncommon for a triplet pregnancy to start showing in the 9th week. I mean, I do have 3 babies in there and my uterus is expanding at a phenomenal rate.
  • aversions: nothing specific. Truly depends on the day.
  • must haves: same thing. Every day is different. Although I can only eat small amounts at a time before I become uncomfortable. Not really sure why this is happening so soon, but it is.

Ok, I will post later this week with a recap on my appt. with the nurse tomorrow. Till then...

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Nicole said...

Jen, I love how well your taking the news of 3 babies. I'm pretty sure if I was you, I would have had a breakdown. I guess that's why things like triplets are only given to people you can handle it. I really, really admire you.

And the grocery store story is hilarious! Cracked me up!! :)

((big hugs))