Monday, December 8, 2008

Better Spirits

I am feeling a lot better about the whole fibroid thing today. I went to my dr. appointment in Spokane this morning, and when I walked into my ultrasound I told the Dr. that this fibroid thing was freaking me out. I wanted to know where it was located and how big it was. He said it wasn't too big and it wasn't growing so we didn't need to be concerned about it at this time. But if this round doesn't result in a pregnancy we will have to do a hysteroscopy or laporoscopy to remove it before we go to the next round. This conversation made me feel mildly better and I didn't feel the need to cry the entire 2 hour drive home.

When I got home I was exhausted! Connor (my 2 year old) has been a little sick and decided that he had to sleep in our bed last night at 2am. There was no talking him out of it, and frankly I was too tired to argue, so I gave in and let him sleep in our bed. Unfortunately for me, sleeping in our bed means cuddling with Bobby and kicking me, so I didn't get much sleep.

My nurse didn't call until nearly 3 pm, for a minute I thought maybe I had fallen through the cracks and was forgotten. When she called she told me to stop my Follistum and Menopur, and to only take 5 units of Lupron this evening. Then back up to Spokane tomorrow morning for another blood draw and ultrasound. My follicles are the right size, but they want to give my eggs another day to try to get them mature. Things are looking good in that area!

I did ask Karen (my nurse) about the fibroid. I told her what Dr. Robins said and that I wasn't sure if he was giving me all of the info and that I wanted her to tell me how bad it really was. She totally put my mind at ease. She told me that the Dr. is very cautious when it comes to this and would never do anything to harm the embryos or go forward with a cycle if it was doomed for failure. She also said that if anything, they will retrieve my eggs, fertilize them and then freeze them. That way we don't waste this round and we will be able to implant them at a later date when we have removed the fibroid. So that is worst case scenario - but it looks like (at this point) that we will probably give my HCG shot (the shot that makes you ovulate) tomorrow night and then have retrieval on Thursday.

I am super excited about only having to give one shot tonight and just feel soooo much better about it all. There is still that thing in the back of the mind that knows there are still so many things that can happen. But at this point I am happy that we are moving forward and things are looking relatively good.

More tomorrow~

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Nicole said...

Good news! Retrieval on Thursday would be great! I bet you're ready for that. I'm still sending you positive thoughts and hoping for the best. Here's some *baby dust* for you. :)