Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A-OK, so far

I had another appointment this morning. I left a little early because I was worried about the roads. Which was good, because although the roads were fine, there was really thick fog so it was slow-going. The last round, I didn't discover decaf coffee until the end, but this time it is my savior. I think I have actually convinced my brain that any kind of coffee will keep me alert. Also, I have decided to try once again to listen to my "learn Italian CD's", so we'll see how that goes. Il capisco umpo l'italiano! (I can understand a little Italian).

When I got to my appointment (at 6:55 am), I was the second person there. Score! They call you in the order that you arrive, so I knew my wait time wouldn't be very long. I'm glad I got there when I did because the waiting room filled up today. It must have been the start day for a lot of people.

There are some nice things about this being my second round. First, when I arrive, all I have to do is smile and wave at the front desk lady and she calls out "Hi Jennifer, I got ya down". It's nice to be known. Also, the phlebotomists and nurses all know me, so it's a familiar and relaxed feeling. The first time it was a lot of nerves.

I had to laugh today because there are two of us who are going through the second round. Everyone else must be new - and you can tell because they all brought their husbands and were practically giddy to be there. Heather (the other second rounder) and myself are dressed rather comfortably, hair in a respectable pony tail....the "first rounders" were all dressed up like they were going to a show.

I laugh for one, because that was me the first round. And secondly, because later this week (little do they know), they too will be sporting the sweatpants, or other similar comfy-wear, hair in pony tail and no husband in sight. Note to first rounders: it gets more uncomfortable, and I am sorry to say but the appointments will lose their luster for the man in your life since he doesn't get to go back with you and has to sit in the waiting room with 20 hormonal women. Note to first rounder husbands: treat the waiting room like a bus...if you are in a seat and there is said hormonal woman standing next to you - offer her your seat! 'nuf said about that.

Anywho, my appointment went well. Just a blood draw, which today I had the girl who is so much more gentle than the male phlebotomist. Thank goodness. And then I went to the waiting room and waited to be called for my ultrasound. Normally I only wait for a minute or two, but they must have been running behind because I waited for about 20 minutes. It didn't bother me too much because it allowed me some much anticipated reading time. (I learned early on to find a great book and only plan to read it at the Dr. office - it makes the time go by fast)

When I got called back for my ultrasound, I saw my nurse who always gives great hugs. I love it when she's the nurse that's there. Let me explain about the ultrasound. When I said in a previous post that they put you through like cattle, I was not exaggerating. This is what it's like:
There are 3 exam rooms. The middle room is the room with the Dr., a nurse and the ultrasound machine. The rooms on either side are the patient rooms. They take you to a room and tell you to remove clothing from the waist down and drape the little paper sheet over yourself. Then you wait for a knock on the door. When you hear the knock, you go into the room, quickly lay on the table, feet in stirrups. The doctor checks uterus, left ovary, right ovary, wam bam thank you mam, you're done. It is literally that fast. Then you get up and leave and as you close the door, you hear them knocking on the other door.
The thing that is most weird about it is that the person doing the ultrasound is your Dr. but you aren't really allowed to ask questions or anything because it's not an actual appointment, it's more of a "check" to see where you are at.

When everyone is gone, the Dr. and a team of nurses goes over everyone's results and makes a plan for the next day or two. Then the nurse calls. I was happy because I got the phone call at 10:30 today (last round my calls didn't come in until 3pm). Karen, my nurse, said everything was looking good. I have 4 follicles in my left ovary and about 8 in my right. My right ovary is always the stronger of the two. In case you are curious, the follicles, as I understand it, is where your eggs grow. So when they say you have a certain number of follicles, it doesn't necessarily mean you have that many eggs or even that the eggs will be mature.

Karen directed me to stay on my meds, same dosages, and for Bobby to continue taking his doxycyclene (an antibiotic) for the next 2 nights. I am to return for another appointment on Thursday. Hopefully the roads won't be icy, it's supposed to be pretty cold on Wednesday night.

On a funny side note. I haven't noticed too much irritability, but I am a little emotional. Not a "cry in my closet" emotional, but I did get a little teary eyed when I heard an On-Star commercial this morning. ha ha!

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Cameo said...

Jen, please know that you are in my prayers. I laughed when you described your ultrasounds---the non "cold on my tummy" type. My friends and I who have had them lovingly call them the dildo cams. Okay, TMI but hopefully it makes you laugh next time around. Love you girl and drive safe Thursday.