Friday, December 12, 2008

The number of eggs fertilized is.....

19! This is fantastic news for us. Here is what they told me:
They were able to retrieve 34 eggs. Of those 34, they perfomed ICSI on 20 and let 14 of them fertilize naturally. ICSI is a procedure where they actually inject the sperm into the egg. Naturally is when they just sort of let them find eachother in the little petri dish.

Out of the 20 that they performed ICSI on, 17 were mature. Out of those 17, 11 fertilized.
Out of the 14 they let go au na-tur-al, 10 were mature. Out of those 10, 8 were fertilized.
For a total of 19 little fertilized eggs.

This is officially day 1. The day of conception. Weird that it is in a petri dish, but that is the way things go.
Since I have been through this before I know the reality of things. I will get a phone call on Sunday (day 3) with an update on the embryos. More than likely only half of the 19 will make it to that point (if even that many). Than I get another update on day 4 and 5 - where we will probably be down by half again. Transfer should take place on day 5 or 6 (last time it was day 6). At this point we will probably have about 4 or 5 good embryos to choose from. This is really great news for us since last time we had one good embryo and one that was iffy.

I am going to talk to Dr. Robins about the fibroid and if he thinks it might be a good idea to implant 3 embryos instead of 2 since our odds of them implanting went down. I know when we failed the last round, he said that this is an option because of all of the troubles we have - I just want to see what he thinks.

I am really sore today! I didn't take any Tylenol with codiene and decided that I would come to work. Only now, I am regretting that decision, but nobody else is here and we have a mini-broadcast this afternoon that I have to stick around for. I'm not complaining too much; the people I work with have always been so awesome about working with me and my scheduling. I just really wish I was home, in sweat pants watching a Lifetime Original Movie.

We started my projesterone shots last night. Bobby was great as usual and it didn't hurt at all. I will try to take a picture of the needle, so you can see the size (it is really big!). I am also taking an antibiotic and a steriod, but luckily these are in pill form.

My parents are coming this weekend to help out. Since we don't know what day they will call us up to Spokane for the transfer we are kind of in a holding pattern. Having my parents here will relieve stress because I know that Connor will be well taken care of (we have to stay the night in Spokane). Last round, my dad came up during the week I had to be in Spokane every day and he was a tremendous help. Connor really missed "nanny papa" when he left :-)

Well, I will of course keep you all updated. Please keep us and our little fertilized eggs in your thoughts.

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Cameo said...

Ooo. Congratulations on all the little ones! This is so amazing to read for me since I know people who have had IVF but didn't know exactly what was involved and all the details. I will keep all those little Wilsons in my prayers and hope for the best results! You know, around here, twins are in the water big time! Maybe they are in your future too!