Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today is my one day of freedom from shots! I am practically giddy, or as Bobby so eloquently put it...I'm acting like I'm on crack.

The HCG shot went great last night. God Bless Bobby because he is probably the best "shot giver" ever. He really missed his calling. The needle is large, and when I say large I mean like an inch and a half. Yikes! We both kind of dozed in front of the TV as we waited for the time to come to give the shot. I set my alarm on my cell phone so we wouldn't sleep through it. When the alarm went off, I darted off the couch and ran to the bathroom, all ready to mix and shoot. I had forgotten one thing.....Bobby. So I ran back to the living room and woke him up and he sauntered down the hall to our bedroom still half asleep.

I mixed the shot according to my instructions and damn I was fast. Too fast. We ended up having to wait 10 minutes to give the actual shot. 10 minutes seems like an eternity when you are waiting for something and you are ready to go to bed because you know that you have to get up 5 hours later.

Finally 11pm arrived - hooray! We marked the spot so Bobby would have something to aim at (men, I swear) and I iced the area for a minute to help ward off some of the sting I thought was coming. I leaned on the counter a bit, and bent my leg on the side I was to receive the shot - it's funny how fast these things come back to you. And I waited and waited and finally I hear Bobby say, "OK, let's go to bed".

I was like, Uh, excuse me...could you please give me the shot already. But the funny thing is, he had given me the shot and I didn't feel a thing. Now, let me tell you, he was always this good at giving the shot the first round. I bragged to everyone how wonderful he was. But I kind of thought he was out of practice and I was in for at least one bad shot before he remembered how to do it. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.

I went to Spokane today and had blood work and ultrasound. I got the call from my nurse and everything looks great. She sounded really positive. She went over my instructions for tomorrow, although she didn't really need to because I read over them so many times I think they are burned into my brain. Tonight will be simple: light dinner, no dairy, nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Tomorrow: shower, and put on loose clothing, also: no deodorant, lotion, or anything with a scent because apparently the eggs do not like scents (this is actually one of the reasons they give, haha).

We are off to Spokane in the morning, and by tomorrow night (if all goes well) we will have some little embryos incubating!

I will write tomorrow when I get back. Thanks for all the positive comments and thoughts sent my way - it is wonderful to have such a great support system.

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