Wednesday, February 17, 2010

22 Hours and Counting....

First of all this is a guest blogger for Jennifer, her mom. Jennifer is not in any position to be blogging right now. In fact, her postion is pretty horizontal right now. Needless to say things are not going as planned, and as you all have figured out by now is that Jennifer is a planner.

Yesterday was to start at 6:00 am and Jennifer and Bobby were anxiously waiting for the "show to begin". Several hours later they were still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Shift changes resulted in varied opinions on how to proceed. Throughout the day she was monitored and checked several times. Progression was not happening and needless to say Jennifer was not a happy camper. Here is personal info so if you want you can skip to the next paragraph. Her cervix was 50% effaced and dilated to a little over 1.

They inserted stuff to help thin the cervix but did not happen. To do all of this they would monitor for 30 minutes, insert "thinner" and then Jennifer would have to lay on her back for 2 hours while the girls were being monitored. In Jennifer's words, "laying on my back hurts like hell, and baby B pushes up in my ribs".

In the afternoon, we moms arrived to 2 wornout parents to be, who were disillusioned that nothing was going as they had planned. Go figure that having babies would be out of one's control. As the afternoon turned to evening there was a definite holding pattern going on. The moms took Bobby to dinner and left Jennifer to rest. Of course, during that time, Jennifer experienced a huge contraction and it was all Bobby's fault for not being here. Just imagine her not being able to see the screen to judge how long it was, trying to reach for the nurse's button that Bobby had so carefully placed just out her reach. and having a pain that she places at an 8 on the scale of 1-10. Little does she know that they do get alot worse.

Oh, Jennifer told me to mention the torture bed. It is basically a flat piece of foam on hard wood that they use when women deliver in the room. One of the many nurses that they have gotten to know the past 20 days told them to request a better bed like she had in ante-partum. They did and like magic they got her one which was funny because everyone realized that she did not need the dreaded torture bed as she will be delivering in the operating room anyways. One of those "lightbulb" moments.

Nighttime resulted in a wait and see attitude, trying different things. The moms left to their motel hoping morning would bring exciting news. Nope, nothing except for the warning from Bobby that Jennifer had a bad night and to be careful. All I could envision was the girl in the Ex.or.cist .

After a brief visit the moms were "banished" (Jennifer's words) to the waiting area while she was examined, decisions were made, and procedures were administered. So here she is on Wednesday, February 17th. She has had her water broken and the pitocin started. They are increasing it every 15 minutes. Oh, and she did get her epidural. Thank goodness, she is in a much better mood.

We know that everyone is anxiously waiting to hear news and some of you are even caring so much that you are texting and asking for updates. Being a protective mom I am asking you to just think about that. Would you want to have your phone flash while you are in the midst of a contraction? I will update her blog as best I can so keep positive thoughts that the girls arrive sooner rather than later. Till then.......


Nicole said...

Thank you for the update. Please send my love to Jennifer! I'm thinking about her.

Domrese Family Blog said...

Thanks for the post! We've all been on pins and needles for her! Can't wait to see pics of those adorable little girls. Good luck!