Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Being held hostage at the, I mean, Bed restin' at the Hospital

Well, it looks like Sacred Heart will be my home until these babies make their arrival. We have been through craziness these past 6 days! Sometimes we thought we would be having the babies the next day, sometimes it looked like I might be able to make it to 36 weeks...everyday my labs were different and the Doctors had a different plan about how to proceed.

Bobby wins the best hubby award because he stayed with me the entire time (he went home today). He's the best caregiver and it was so nice to have his has been dragging on and already a bit lonely.

So, let's get right down to it. Basically what is happening is that my liver enzymes were crazy out of control. And they couldn't explain why, which is what really freaked them out. I am at a point where I have mild pre-eclampsia. And when I say mild, I mean I just barely have it, but it is very, very slowly progressing. I also have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). However, when the Dr.'s said that I would be induced in a day or two, I got freaked out...I didn't want my girls to spend time in the NICU and thought I would try to apply the Power of Positive thinking to get me out of this predicament. Well, I think it's working (Bobby says I'm on crack and that positive thinking can't possibly be making me better, but what does he know?). As of right now, my liver enzymes are almost back to normal. I've had several blood pressure checks and all are coming back normal or only slightly elevated, and the protein in my urine looks to be progressing at a snails pace, which is ok by me.

So, what does that mean? It means that now I am stable. Ah, stable! That sounds awesome if you ask me. However, since pre-eclampsia is the type of thing that could go really bad, really fast, they have decided to keep me here at the hospital on bedrest for the duration...which they hope will be 37 or 38 weeks. Yikes! That means I could potentially be here for 3 weeks - yuck! At least my bedrest isn't too strict. Don't get me wrong, it's stricter than I would like, but I'm not gonna complain. I need to stay in bed for most of the day, but I don't have to have the bed in the "lay down" position. I can sit in the glider while I eat, I can use the bathroom and take a shower everyday. I can also have someone take me on a 30 minute wheelchair ride, but only right after I am monitored and only if the monitoring goes ok. Oh, yes, the babies are monitored 3 times a day for an hour each time, my bp is checked at these times as well.

Is this ideal? No. But I'll do what I have to do. We toured the NICU, and I was totally fine until they took us to the pod that they have set up for our girls. For some reason, the fact that they are all ready to go in case our girls come early was not comforting to freaked me out - big time! So here's hoping I can keep chugging along and grow these babies a little longer.

I am relieved to know that they are on board with us trying for a vaginal birth, however when the time does come I am going to have to magnesium sulfate. Ewww. I heard that stuff is the worst, but I am at risk of have seizures because of the stupid pre-e so this is not optional.

I can't complain too much at things here. The nurses are fabulous. The food isn't the most terrible thing. I have my own room with a pretty nice view. The most annoying thing I've found is that every time a baby is born a bell chimes. Well, this is a big hospital and I swear about 20 babies are born every day, so that damn chime is always going off. It's like this endless line of women come in, have their baby and leave and I just get to sit in this bed - booo to that.

Ok, I am sure I will be posting more often, because...let's face it, what else have I got to do?

Oh, and on a completely different mom asked why sometimes in my blog there are random periods in the middle of words. For example, Ba.bies r u.s. By adding the periods, my blog doesn't come up on Go.ogle when people are searching for Babie.s r U.s. A little trick someone told me about :-)

I do have some pics to post, but blogger isn't letting me post anything, so I will try again tomorrow. They are of me at 34 weeks, me at the hospital in Spokane, and a beautiful picture of my little Miss Righty's face!

Till next time......


heartincharge said...

Oh wow! Bedrest at the hospital! How quickly things change. I'm glad that your hubby has been so wonderful. I'm sure he will miss having you at home. I will send my prayers and positive thoughts your way.

Jennifer said...

No kidding...things change literally overnight. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers - they are needed and appreciated :-)