Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still waiting around at the hospital

That's right folks, I am still here, on bed rest at the hospital. Only now, it's not really bedrest since most of my restrictions have been lifted and is suspiciously similar to the house arrest, er I mean "home rest" I was on before I came to the hospital.

It seems I am stable. Like really, really stable. So, now I have permission to sit in chairs, on the couch, go for walks up to 30 minutes. Heck, I am even allowed to walk outside of the hospital (but still on hospital grounds) if I want. Yep, that's right...I've been given the gift of fresh air. I was so excited about these new parameters that yesterday Bobby and I walked around for my half hour. We went down to the cafeteria, went to the gift shop, went outside on this little patio, and did a loop on my floor before going back to my room. Oh, yes it was freeing...but it was also a big mistake! Turns out when you've been sitting around on your ass for 3 weeks and doing nothing in the form of get a little sore carrying around the giagantic belly. So sore that today my groin and inner thigh muscles feel like I have just ran a marathon. Ouch. So, no walking for me today. Maybe tomorrow I will try to ease into it a little.

Being in the hospital is pretty much how you would picture it. Bobby comes and keeps me company for about 4 days and then has to go home. It's not too bad when he is here - he takes great care of me and helps me to stay entertained. There are some really great nurses here, but then there are nurses who completely suck - like the one I have today. The food is ok if I remember to order off the menu, otherwise I am stuck with some kind of dry meat covered in gravy. You would think remembering to order would be easy, but I have a serious case of the stupids and can't seem to remember to do anything. The are are amenities here, such as a "nourishment" room with juices, milks, snacks, etc. There is a craft room, with no crafts in it, but there are a bunch of old school vhs movies, magazines and a washer and dryer (which has been nice).

I can't remember what I have posted in the past so if this update is a little repetitive, bear with me...I have officially been scheduled for an induction. We will be induced on Feb.16th (next Tuesday). There was talk about doing an amnio to check their lungs and then induce me this week (week 36) but I couldn't help but wonder why they would do that when it could result in me giving birth to sick babies, when, if they just waited till week 37 the likelyhood of the babies being healthy jumps way up - I mean we are talking probably no NICU time what-so-ever. Luckily for me, one of the doctors mentioned this same thing in their meeting and it was decided that we would wait for week 37 and induce at that time. Woo Hoo! The did say if I go into labor, they won't stop me and there have been been a few signs that my body is working in that direction...I've been having contractions, although I'm still not feeling them. And (-k this is gross and TMI, so look away now while you have the chance) I have lost part of my mucous plug. Yep, both indicators that labor is looming.

I'm so excited to meet my little ladies and yes, getting a little anxious about the part where I actually have to push these babes out of my body. The thing that scares me most is delivering one only to end up with a c-section for the other. But I am trusting my gut and sticking to my guns with the vaginal birth. Hopefully it will be ok. I still have to be on the magnesium sulfate, which I am not super excited about. I've heard nasty stuff about that drug but again, since it's not optional I am trying to accept it and tell myself that it won't be that bad.

I haven't been able to measure my belly since I have been here, but I can say that I am still growing and growing. My skin is so tight on my belly that it feels like it is going to rip open - it is actually shiny in areas that are stretched to the max. No amount of lotion helps with the sensitivity. The babies have really been growing lately. I've gained 39 pounds with this pregnancy (yikes!)...the only positive thing is that the girls are trying to pack on those extra ounces everyday, so no matter how much I eat and sit around when I am here, it doesn't seem to make me gain any more weight - I've been holding steady at 39 lbs for a couple months now. I keep telling myself that after next week I am really going to have to change my eating habits, or I am going to have a big issue (LOL).

That's about it from me. We had an ultrasound today and finally got to see little Lefty's face, so I have attached a picture. She looks like she is kissing Righty's head and it appears she has chubby chipmunk cheeks - I love it! I promise to update again in a day or so, or if anything changes.

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Nicole said...

39 lbs?! That's awesome! Good for you. I think Lefty is kissing Righty's head because there's no other place for her to put her face. :) Next week is going to be so exciting!!