Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 1/2 days to go

We're getting closer to "testing day". I had my progesterone and estrogen check on Sunday. I went to the Pullman blood lab, and even though they said it would take about 3 days for my results, it actually only took one day. My nurse called me yesterday and said my levels looked really good. She gave me the numbers, and normally I would write them down but I was in the car and that wasn't really an option. There are no changes to my meds/shots so that's good.

Now that you know the medical facts, let me share with you a little piece of my life I like to call "anxiously waiting":

I cannot wait for Friday. I am so nervous and excited. I really think I might be pregnant - no, I haven't had any "signs" that lead me to believe this. But by this time last time I was spotting, and (knock on wood) I have had no spotting. Also, by this time last time I was having all of the signs of my period starting and, well this time, the only thing that resembles my period starting is this massive headache that I have had off and on for a day or two now. I know some of you, although rooting for me, might be saying "careful, don't get your hopes up".
But I can't help but think positively and that things will work out. So, yes...you can consider my hopes being way up :-)

My life lately has been waiting (as usual). I have been feeling like a pin cushion - my backside is really sore. Bobby is still doing a great job giving my shots, but now that I am back to work, I am wearing jeans (where at home, I was wearing mainly sweatpants). The jeans rub right on my injections sites and has made them rather tender. Add in the fact that Bobby has playfully smacked me in the ass twice while making dinner the last few days (yes, we are one of those kind of couples that jokes and plays while making dinner together) - and then was quick to apologize when he saw (as he puts it) "the fire in my eyes". He was more than a little scared of me, I guess.

Also, not many of you know this but when I am anxious, I bake. I don't so much bake because I feel the need to eat, in fact I rarely eat the things I make. No, the baking is more of a tension release. Since Sunday I have made: bread, brownies, blue-berry and lemon muffins, and a St. Patty's day cake. Bobby has cut me off from baking because he is the one eating all of this stuff and he can't take it anymore. Connor loves it because he is my helper, which is actually really cute.

Ok, I suppose I have bored you all enough for today :-) I plan to go to St. Luke's (in Boise) first thing Friday morning, probably around 7am, for my blood draw (beta quant. pregnancy test). Hopefully I will hear from my nurse earlier in the day rather than later although it could be as late at 5pm Boise time. The next time I post, it will be with my results!

Till then....

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Nicole said...

I'm terrible at waiting too especially for something so exciting!!! I CANNOT wait to hear how your test goes! Oh and by the way, please send baked goods this way. It all sounds tasty to me! :)