Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scheduled my follow-up

Well, my cycle started this morning, so I called my nurse first thing. She asked how I was doing, and I told her that I felt better, but still a little upset. We talked for a bit and then she asked if I had thought about when I wanted to go for the third try. I told her that I didn't have a calendar for the 2009 series since I started both my first and second tries in 2008. The one I had asked for (and received) at one of my earlier appointments turned out to be an old 2008 form. She said that she would send me the 2009 series schedule so I can take a look at it.

She transferred me over to the front desk so that I could make a follow-up appointment with Dr. Robins. I waited on the line and waited on the line, and nobody picked up. So, I got impatient and hung up - I guess I am still feeling a little crabby. They called me back a short time later, and apologized for the wait and told me the earliest appointment they had was 11am on April 15th. Ugh - 3 weeks away. I asked if that was the soonest appointment and she said it was - man this Dr. is a busy guy. So, I took the appointment. I hope Bobby can get off work - I would have tried to make it at a better time, but was scared if I didn't take the first appointment, we would be waiting another month or two to talk to him.

Some of you may be confused at this point because I said that I needed a break from IVF and I wanted to wait a couple months...which is still the case. However, I do want to talk to the dr. so that I can hear why he thinks this last round didn't work, and what he plans to do in the next round. Also, if I have to do a D&C and then wait a month to heal afterwards, I would like to know that information so that I can plan accordingly.

So now I am back to waiting. I am becoming a pro at waiting. Bobby and I talked more about adoption last night. We both knew we would adopt again, so we started to get excited about the process. We also talked about possible things the dr. might say at our follow-up appt. and I began to formulate questions for the meeting we will have with him. If anyone can think of any good questions - let me know. I want to get all the info I can since this is will be our last time trying IVF.

I will probably blog when I get the series schedule, but there isn't a lot to say between now and our appointment.
Until then...

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