Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big shot and appointment tomorrow

Hello all! Well, my progesterone shot has been going ok. Bobby did great the first night, didn't hurt at all. But the next night, although he check for blood in the needle, he somehow nicked a vein and it hurt like a son-of-an-OW! I did not enjoy it and he felt horrible. Surprisingly, it only hurt for a short while and then all was well again.

Last night, Bobby went to the basketball game so Marlene (my Mil) came over and gave me my shot. She had never done it before, but after counting a few times and several deep breaths (on her part), and Connor in the background shouting "do it, do it, do it", she finally did it. It stung a little because she plunged the meds in too fast, but other than that she did a good job. Progesterone needs to go in a little slower because they put the drug in oil (I think mine is peanut oil). It sounds gross, but if you push the meds through too fast it really stings - Alot!

I have had a little Snafu with my pills. I thought to expedite things I would take all my am pills at the same time and all of pm pills at the same time. My body didn't agree with me on this idea and has decided to protest in the form of massive cramping in my stomach area. Today I decided to take my 7 am pills on time, wait 2 hours and then take the rest. I am now taking my prenatal vitamin around noon, because I suspect it was my prenatal vitamin mixed with my doxycyclene that caused my problem. Then my night time meds, I am splitting up into several hours as well. It feels like I am taking pills all day, but it does seem to be helping.

I did have a minor freak out yesterday because I thought maybe I was getting the flu - which means my transfer would have been delayed or cancelled. You can imagine my hysteria. But after reading the side effects of all the pills I am taking I am certain that is the issue.

I have my last blood draw and ultrasound tomorrow - woo hoo! I am so excited, this week has gone by really fast (and I thought it would go by slowly). Bobby and I have kept busy over the weekend doing little projects on the house, which has helped.

Tomorrow, I should have a general idea for when they will want us in Spokane on Tuesday. She said they will probably do the transfer in the afternoon, but the exact time will depend on how the embryos thaw. Someone told me that when you have a frozen embryo transfer they call that baby a "snowflake baby" which I think is fitting because if this works (cross my fingers) than this baby would be due in the wintertime :-)

I feel better prepared going into this transfer. It is always nice to know what to expect. I think I might be able to be a little more calm during the waiting time for our "beta" test (ie, very early pregnancy test). Last time I had spotting, which freaked me out - but I was told it could be many many things. But the thing that was the hardest was being told that based on my numbers they could tell that one of the embryos had implanted for at least a day or two - so for a day or two, I was pregnant. Is sucks to find that out the same day you start your period. And I hope to heaven that isn't the case this time.

I will update more tomorrow. I am actually going into work tomorrow after my appointment. Since I am going to take the rest of the week off, I think I ought to get a little work done.

Till tomorrow.....

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