Thursday, March 5, 2009


Normal...that's what my appointment was today - thank goodness! When my nurse called she was happy to report to me that everything was right on track today and there were no hurdles in the way - my transfer is 99% set for Tuesday!

I drove up there this morning - the roads were fine going up but I hit the winter storm on my way down. It is currently a blizzard outside my house. Figures...I do live on the Palouse. Last year it snowed in June.

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. I got to my appointment about 5 minutes early and to my surprise the waiting room was full - they even pulled out the extra chairs. I guess I didn't know what I was talking about when I said there wouldn't be much of a wait at my appointments this time.

So I checked in, and I grabbed a copy of the sheet that lists the upcoming IVF series. I know some of you are probably thinking, "why do you need to know the dates for future IVF...this transfer will work". And I'm right there with ya - I think this transfer will work. But I didn't have a sheet that listed future dates and I know that if for some reason this transfer didn't work, I would really want to be able to plan when to do the final round. I'm a planner, it's in my genes - it gives me comfort. Anyway, I grab that sheet and take a seat. Shortly after I get there, Nicole arrives. Yay! So nice to chat with someone while we wait. She starts her shots tonight - Go Nicole, I know you'll do great :-)

Anyway, I got the new guy again for my blood draw. He tells me, as I sit down, that he's had a hard time finding people's veins all morning - "those little buggers just disappear when I get the needle in" (huh?!?). Despite my lack of confidence in him, I told him I thought he would do just fine - it hurt, a lot...but the poor guy needed a little esteem booster (and I'm a pleaser), so I told him he did great. He smiled from ear to ear. I'd like to believe that gave him the boost he needed to succeed with the patients that followed me.

My ultrasound was quick and easy. Everything looked A-OK. So I drove home, and relieved Bobby (Connor is home with me today and tomorrow, so Bobby was watching him until I got home). I'm feeling good today. Not too tired or irritable. I'm in the home stretch now, so that probably has helped my mood.

My nurse called and we cheered together because things were going good so far. I told her I was relieved because we've been doing this round since November and she said she knows, and that they talked about me in their morning meeting. She told them, "let's get this girl some good news!" and I sure hope they can :-)

I was instructed to stop my Lupron shots -yay! No more belly shots. But my big Bobby hip/rear shots start tonight (progesterone). Here is my new schedule:

7am: 1 baby aspirin, 2 mg (tablets) of Estrace, AND 1 tablet of doxycyclene
7pm: 2 tablets Estrace, Prenatal vitamin AND 1 tablet doxycyclene AND 16 mg Medrol (1 tablet)
8:30pm: Progesterone shot given to me by Bobby. I am just choosing this time now, but this is actually the only thing they allow you to choose the time on. Once you choose your time you have to give the shot at that exact time every night. Last time we did 7:30pm and this really interfered with our evening, so I'm thinking 8:30pm would be a better time.

I will write more tomorrow or Saturday and let you all know how my big shot goes. Bobby is normally so great at giving these. Let's hope he didn't lose his touch. I don't go back to the Dr. until Monday. That will be my last appointment before transfer.

Here is a pic of my new daily regimen and a lovely one of the huge needle that I get to use tonight :-)

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Nicole said...

How are the progesterone shots going? I don't know how you take the doxycylene on an empty stomach...they make mine upset. I hope I see you on Tuesday. What time is your appointment?