Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bring on the side effects

Ugh! I say "ugh" because that is the only word to describe how I am feeling. Maybe "blah" would be accurate as well, but "ugh" definitely does the trick. The Lupron side effects have started. I really thought I might avoid them, but realize now that I am simply not that lucky of a person.

I have been feeling sleepy...and when I say sleepy, I mean a "want to fall asleep all the time" kind-of sleepy. A "I'm about to take a big fat nap on the rug in my office" kind-of sleepy.
My memory was so consumed with the thought of my terrible Lupron headache that I completely forgot how tired it makes me. Add in the fact that I haven't slept well because of a little thing I like to call horrendous night sweating/hot flashes; also due to my lovely friend Lupron.

Luckily so far the sleepiness and overall sweatiness are the only side effects. Bobby might say that I have gotten a little "short tempered", I would argue with that - and maybe that proves his point :-)

Tonight is my last night on my bc pills and then I will have a breakthrough bleed, of which I am to report to my nurse as soon as it happens. It's so weird to call someone on the phone just to tell that that you started your period. But like a good little IVFer, I will do what I am told to do.

I called my nurse to get the ok for a spa day - thanks to my lovely sister, I now am the owner of a super fantastic spa gift certificate that I literally cannot wait to use! I have heard mixed reviews about getting massages and pedicures during IVF and I just want to make sure that I am cleared to go. I haven't heard back yet; I suppose my inquiry about a day of pampering doesn't rank right at the top of my nurses list of people to call back immediately; but she clearly does not understand the importance of this all to relaxing retreat.

Once again, I am taking it easy this go-around. I won't work the days I have appointments, instead I'm thinking some long naps in the hammock are in order. I have a ton of sick days that I've saved up and since I can't take them with me when my job ends, now is the perfect time to use them.

I have to admit that I am getting a little excited for this series. I really wasn't looking forward to it until recently. In fact, I had kind of resigned myself to going through the motions because since the Dr. didn't seem overly confident and still can't tell us why we aren't getting pregnant, I just started thinking this time wouldn't work. But now, every now and then, I catch myself thinking "omigosh! This could work and I could be pregnant in a month." And while I'm thinking that, I feel a flutter of excitement in stomach. Damn my optimism. I'm glad it's coming back and I am feeling hopeful - but I'm really hoping that I'm not setting myself for a great disappointment.

Ok, I've blabbed enough for today. Acupuncture on Saturday - woo hoo!


Nicole said...

You and me, girl...we're going to stay positive for ourselves and each other this time!!! I'll toast to that.

Jennifer said...

I'll toast to that too - with sparkling water of course :-)