Thursday, May 28, 2009

For the inquisitive minds

Ok, so I have had a few people send me e-mails asking if I ever heard back about whether or not you can do the spa thing while partaking in an IVF series. This is what my nurse told me.

That they recommend doing any sort of massage or pedicure at least 1 week prior to egg retrieval. I guess when you get a massage/pedicure there are toxins released in your body (the massage is supposed to rid the toxins). My nurse advised me that it could take a week (on the safe side) for my body to rid itself of those toxins. I am sure other doctor's might say it's ok, but I know my doctor's office tends to be overly cautious - which I don't mind.

So, my nurse told me if I was going to the spa thing I would have to do it next week. So I got on the phone and made my appointment for the 5th. Yay me!
I have to go to the doc on the 5th anyway, so this works out perfect because I can just go directly after. This is a weekday however, and because of that, I am going solo. I'm sad that my friend Nicole can't go with me, but at the same time it gives me an excuse to go again with her at a later date.

Well, I hope that answers any questions that some of you other IVFers had. I would always check with your own doc to find out what they say, everyone is different.

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