Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little cramping my ass!

So I had my hysteroscopy yesterday. I made two mistakes regarding this event.
#1 being I told Bobby I could go by myself. I was fully convinced that they would take one look and say I needed a D & C and I would be on my merry pain.
#2 was listening to the Dr. when he said I would have a little cramping. I already knew this to be untrue, I had, after all, already had 4 or 5 previous hysterscopes (I've lost count at this point) and yet when he uttered the words "little cramping", I latched onto them and believed them to be true.

Well, this is what actually happened...I went in, changed into gown, robe and other various sterile accessories. I climbed up on the table and the new nurse was trying to talk me through how to position myself and I interrupted her and had to point out I was already in position...let's get this thing started. My legs were placed in the stirrups, vajayjay light was turned on and then....I waited. Yep, I waited there for 10 minutes while my lovely Dr. was on the phone - least let me put my legs down!

Anyway, the Dr. finally came in and said "ok, today we're going to take a look and see if you have any polyps" - Ok doc, I think we already know there are polyps in there, the question is "how many?". So (this is the part he warns me of a little cramping) they fill me with gas and send the long needle with a light thing up into my lady areas.

The first obstacle was tissue connecting the top and bottom of my "rather small" cervix (k, I have a small cervix and a small uterus. these are facts I know, and yet the Dr. has to tell me every time like it is a new discovery). Anyway he grabs these super long scissor things, inserts them and clips this tissue off and then comments that he's had to do that every time. Say what now?!? I freak out a little and he assures me it's just one of those things. Ok I guess.

So now I'm watching (there's a monitor in which you can see it all) as he sticks the needle light thing into my uterus and might I say yuck! Polyps, stringy things and scar tissue abound. He says "yep, you have some polyps". mmmmhmmmm...this I am aware of. What are we going to do? He says that we are going to take care of them right then and there since there are fewer than last time, but still so many that they will cause a problem. He told me there are 2 really large ones that he will snip out with the scissors and the others he will scrape off. I said, "so I won't need a D & C?" and he told me that we are basically doing the D & C right then and there, that we could because there weren't as many polyps and that it will save me money in the long run. Save me money? That statement made me happy in fact, I completely forgot that at my last D & C I was put under and this time I would have to sedation what so ever.

It took 1 hour. 1 hour people! It was excruciating. When he snipped my polyps I cried out, when he scraped the interior of my uterus I cried out. When they filled me with gas and then liquid to clean out all the blood, I cried out. I really think he was feeling bad for me, he kept saying "sorry, almost there". 1 hour! They did take a break in the middle to give me rest and just when I felt a little better, they started up again. I was sweating, shaking, and the whole time thinking "I wonder if this is what labor feels like...intense, painful contractions in my uterus, some guy's hand all in my lady parts, everyone in the room telling me that I'm almost there" hmmmm.

Anyway, when it was over I asked him if he got all of the polyps and he said that it's hard to say. He certainly gave them chase, but at a certain point it gets so bloody and shredded in there that you can't see much. Ok, did he just use the term "shredded" when referring to my uterus. He said that he got most of them and definitely got the biggest ones. Well, thank you for that.

I was taken to change my clothes and then meet with my nurse. I felt a little woozy walking down the hallway, and was told to sit and was given a big glass of water and some ale.eve. My nurse went over what just happened and told me that the reason the Doc didn't want to do a full-put me under-D & C, was because the last time it didn't seem to make a difference and by doing it again, I could get more scar tissue and possibly another blood clot. My first round of IVF I had a few polyps and I actually had one of the embryos implant for a day or two so it doesn't appear a D & C is in my best interest. Then she said the good news, I didn't get cancelled. What!?! I didn't even know that was an option, but boy am I glad that I didn't get cancelled.

I am to call my nurse when I have a withdrawl (from bc) bleed - probably around May 29th. I start my Lupron shots on the 26th (I take bc for 3 days while on this). I did get my meds in the mail and cleaned and organized my Rubbermaid tub so that the old stuff is out and the new stuff is in. So basically I have 2 weeks till this all starts again.

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Nicole said...

When I first read the title of this blog entry, I knew it wasn't going to be good. But, WOW!! I feel terrible that I forgot when you were having the hysteroscope but I feel even worse for you having to go through all that! Oh my gosh!! I hope you're feeling better soon. ((big hugs))