Friday, May 8, 2009

Should have known

I really should have expected my calendar because it seems every time I write on my blog that something hasn't happened yet, then *poof* it happens as soon as I log out. Case in soon as I logged out yesterday, I got the call from my nurse that the calendar was being faxed to me as we speak. Now if only I could get it to work for other parts of my life...hmmmm..I haven't won the lottery yet. (check back tomorrow to see if it works!)

Anyway, thrilled to get my calendar. Seriously, it was like freakin Christmas at my house. I told pretty much everyone I know - my calendar's here, my calendar's here. (I hope you are sensing my elation). I don't know why I am so stinking euphoric about it this time. Maybe it's that I know this is my last time, that I have once again been renewed with hope, or that I can finally plan my life past the month of May. Whatever it is - it feels wonderful.

So, I will have 21 days of shots. That's more than the first series but less than the second since I actually had to go through 2 rounds of shots on the second series. I have 12 days of just Lupron shots and then 9 days of Lupron, Menopur and Follistum shots. Toward the end we'll throw in my trigger shot and progesterone shots and I will be full of hormones and lots of fun, I'm sure.

My shots start on May 26th - awesome because that's the day after my birthday. I will get to spend my birthday without worrying about this IVF stuff - yay! Then our trigger shot is due to happen on our anniversary, which sounds bad but has it's positives such as that is the last night we can have s.e.x and are actually told we should - Bobby is thrilled for obvious reasons. Retrieval will probably be on the 18th and transfer on the 23rd (most likely). It is all subject to change and let's be would be weird for me if this series goes smoothly because I haven't had much luck in the past.

I admit that I am a little sad that this is my last try - but feel I am reaching acceptance. I am also scared out of my mind that this fresh cycle will result in an overstim situation. They said they knocked my dosages way down, but not too far because then my eggs won't be mature and that they will monitor me closely. But still, overstim freakin bad. Let's all hope that I don't have to go down that road again.

Hysterscope is on May 13th (Wednesday) - I'm sure I will have news to report.


Nicole said...

Did you get my message??? We will literally be doing this cycle together! Can't wait. It's going to help keep us both positive. :) (big hugs)

Jennifer said...

I did! I'm so excited - I told Bobby that if we are in the recovery room together he has permission to make fun of how retarded we are coming off of anesthesia :-)