Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anniversary - woo hoo!

Ok, so my anniversary really has nothing to do with all this IVF related hulabullo, but today is my 8 year anniversary none the less. And oh, Bobby would kick me for that statement, because it is actually "our anniversary" not just mine but for some reason I like to claim it as such :-)

So, my appointment today went ok. Nothing out of the ordinary. The left follicles are still stubborn and not cooperating in any way, shape or form. My right ones are inching along. The Doc said that he is going to predict 10, but when my nurse called that number was revised to a 6. Yikes...I guess that's better than none and I guess the one thing I have on my side is that nothing has gone the way they think so far, so maybe my ovaries will surprise them and pump out some stellar eggs.

She told me that I can be rest assured that I will not be hyperstimming this time. (Well, there's some good news.) My estrogen level is around 2400, and when I hypserstimmed it peaked at 6300. I'm feeling pretty good about that not happening again. And she just kept reminding me that there are all of my frozen embies ready to go. I think they were expecting me to be more upset at the news that this may be a bum fresh cycle, and honestly...at this point...you can't really tell me much that will bring me down. I've heard it all this past year and just feel like I can roll with whatever comes my way.

Same plan (as previously posted) for tomorrow morning...nothing new there. Oh, and in my IVF forgetfulness, I forgot to ask about the pineapple. I will definitely do that tomorrow. I will of course post tomorrow night - pardon me in advance if the post is a weird one...I may still be doped up when I decide to share my info. Till then....

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