Friday, June 12, 2009

Grow Follicles, Grow

So I had my appointment today and it was same old, same old. The Doc was concerned because pretty much all of the follicles on my left ovary are the same size they were two days ago. Luckily my right ovary has decided to take over, but it too is lagging. My follicles are simply not growing. I think I have 2 on my right ovary that have grown a little, but they aren't where they should be. The Doc said that we will probably up the dosage of my follistum, but we would have to wait to see what my bloodwork says. He also warned me that we are probably going to have little to no mature eggs this time.

I got the call from my nurse and she said to keep all my dosages the same. Confused...I told her what the doc had said and asked if she was sure I shouldn't up my dosage. She said they don't want to up the dosage because my numbers are where they should be and they don't want to elevate them because then I will hyperstim. Ugh! Why won't my darn body just cooperate one stinkin time!?!

My nurse told me not too worry because we do have our frozen embies so if we have to thaw some of those, then that's what we'll do. Thanks, but that doesn't really make me feel better since I'm possibly pumping my body full of hormones for what might turn out to be nothing. Grrr....

On another note....My friend Nicole and I were talking in the waiting room and we both agreed that sometime people say the weirdest things to infertiles and/or adoptive parents. I thought I would include a little list of things not to say for those of you that might not know.

* (side note) I am out of the ordinary when it comes to infertility. We adopted, so the fact that we are reproducing-challenged is no secret. I am an open book when it comes to questions, and feel like I can educate people on this process. I am the Exception the the Rule. A good majority of infertile women feel this is a very very private issue. They don't like personal questions, and most don't like to share their experience. The reason for this side note is because I don't want people to look at this list and suddenly feel afraid to ask me things. I am just putting this out there so you'll know what Not to say...

Things NOT to say to:

People trying to have a baby (before any ART):

- "Just relax"

- "Don't try so hard" (my personal favorite)

- "You've only been trying for" (fill in the amount of time here), give it time."

*all of the above statements make you feel like it is in someway your fault for not getting pregnant when in actuality, it is probably out of your hands.

People going through IVF or adoption:

- "So who has the problem, you or your husband?" (really? Why do you need to know this?)

- "I would never implant more than one embryo" (never say never. You truly don't know until
you've been there)

- "I know a friend of my cousin who did IVF, got pregnant the first time, and then got pregnant
again shortly after. Once her body knew how to be pregnant, it happened naturally." (there
are soooo many reasons why this statement is stupid. Don't say this to me, because if it did
happen, then it is rare and most likely won't happen for me.)

- "Oh, don't you know once you adopt you'll get pregnant? It's because you aren't worrying
about it anymore." (If only it were that simple.)

- "If it doesn't work, you could always adopt". (Really? Thanks. That never occurred to me.
Obviously I know I can adopt. And by the way, for some people, adoption isn't plan B. For us,
it was our first choice. Please don't imply to me that adoption is some sort of second place

- "It will all be worth it in the end". (will it? How do you know? Even my Dr. isn't so sure about

There are many, many more, but I wanted to post the most common. If anyone wants to add comments that they have heard, feel free. I know most people mean well, and aren't trying to be insensitive. I just thought I would throw these out there in case you ever catch yourself wanting to say one of them :-)

Next Appointment is on Sunday. Grow Follies Grow.

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Nicole said...

I'm cheering your follicles on!!! I really, really hope there are some big ones in there on Sunday! :)