Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day after

Today is the day after transfer. After all this time and with our track record, you would think I would be able to relay some story about the terrible things that went wrong on transfer day and how we are dealing with them...only this time there is nothing to relay. In fact transfer day went by without any complications (weird for us) and even had some perks.

So, we went in and were told that we still had 5 embies going. 3 were perfect, perfect, the highest grading you can get for a day 5. The 4th one was nearly perfect and the 5th was lagging. We talked to the Doc about our options - how many to transfer, freeze, etc. We asked him if he would still recommend transferring more than 3 and he said no. Because these embies are such good quality and they are fresh (versus the frozen we transferred last time) that he wouldn't want to risk transferring 4. We took the Doc's advice and stuck with transferring 3 (which is a rare thing at this clinic anyway). The other 2 will continue to grow and then based on their quality we will decided whether or not to freeze them.

At this point I had already consumed my 32 ounces of water and was feeling the need to go...Finally I was taken into the op room and had to empty my bladder 2 and a half times. I guessed it would be 3 times based on how uncomfortable I was, but 2 and a half is still a lot. The transfer went smoothly. Oddly quiet. With really pretty music in the background.

I waited in the recovery room for the 20 minutes they let you lay still. Then they let us leave. Simple as that. No drama. Weird...for us anyway.

We went and checked into a hotel. We had stayed at this particular hotel once before, and found it to have everything we needed. By that I mean, room service, clean comfy beds, and pay per view movies. Unfortunately once we were checked into said room, we opened the armoire to find a teeny tiny tv and no pay per view. Aw man...down to the lobby Bobby went (that's funny, lobby Bobby haha) anyway, he fought with them and needless to say we left that particular hotel and ended up at a different hotel that assured us they had ppv. Bobby was a little tense and mentioned I was pretty much on bed rest. I think they sensed his tension because they had us upgraded to a suite for free. Sa- weeeet! The hotel stay was wonderful and relaxing. We caught up on movies we had been wanting to see. I ate my pineapple that I had carted there in a cooler. General happiness was the mood.

My blogs aren't nearly as funny when things go smoothly and I can't remark snarkely on events, but I can say that I'm happy things have finally, finally gone right for once. Maybe this is a sign of things to come. I am taking it really easy today, and tomorrow I will work from home so I can rest throughout the day.

I am sure I will be updating throughout these long days of waiting....Till then....

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