Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rolling veins are just no fun

Today was the big retrieval day. We got there at 7:30ish and the waiting room was still full of people - mostly of the female variety. This did not sit well with Bobby since he was there to do some business and the the fact that everyone in the room knew that (because why else would they call him back into "the room") really bothered him this time. He was a trooper and muddled through, but snuck out the back door and gave me a covert call on my cell phone to tell me to meet him in the lobby. Too funny.

I chatted with Nicole and another nice person while waiting for Bobby and the other person had also heard of the pineapple thing. Her friend tried it during her 5th cycle at a different clinic and swears it worked. Apparently you are supposed to eat it after transfer because it aids in implantation. I asked the nurses what they thought about it and they said they hadn't heard anything about pineapple. I told them that they might start hearing about it because I was talking about it rather loudly in the waiting room, and let's be honest....tell a bunch of desperate infertiles that pineapple is a magical helper and there just might be a mad rush of women buying pineapple.

So anyway, we left the office for awhile, and arrived back just before 9am. I changed into the gown, robe, hair net, and socks -yes, I did steal them this time :-) Then I waited for the anesthesiologist. When it was time for my iv I explained that everytime they have tried it on my left hand, the vein has rolled back and it hasn't worked. So this time they tried my right hand...wouldn't you know it - that darn vein rolled back and it didn't work. Instead of attempting on my left hand, they just decided to put it in my arm - ouch! It stung. Bad.

I also told them that the last time I had retrieval I got really sick on the car ride home. They gave me some anti-nausea stuff in my iv, but concluded that I most likely got sick because that was the start of my hyperstim. Hmmm...looking back, that makes sense.

After the retrieval, I was wheeled into recovery. I ate my little crackers and had my juice. I was feeling the pain so they gave me a ty.len.ol with codeine - mmm that's better... Then they told us they were able to retrieve 15 eggs. Not too shabby. The first time we only got 12, and the second time we got 30-something, so 15 was sounding pretty ok to me. I know that the chances of them being mature are minimal, but for now I am going to think they were all mature and will all be fertilized. I'll get the call tomorrow to tell me the exact numbers and of course will relay all that info to all of you.

Sorry, I can't come up with anything witty or humorous this blog...I'm still feeling a bit sore and just attempted to eat lunch, which I am now realizing may have been hasty and quite possibly not my best decision of the day.

Till tomorrow...

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