Monday, June 8, 2009

First side effect has made it's debut...

I had an appointment in Spokane today, so I was up at 4:3o and out the door just before 5am. I know that I don't really need to get there early (and by early, I mean about 5 or 10 minutes earlier than the 7am appointment) since I'm just coming home after my appointments and not rushing off to work, but I am an impatient person. I'm a person who hates to wait. And since this series has lots of women going through, I thought it best for my own sanity to try to arrive a little early to reduce my wait time. Boy was I glad that I made that decision! I only waited about 5 minutes, but the people were streaming in as I was walking out.

I had labs and ultrasound today. The Doc had his usual cheery bedside manner (sense the sarcasm, please). He did say that it looks like I have some polyps, although it is hard to see on this type of ultrasound. He also said my endometrium isn't building up yet and there was some liquid in my uterus. That could be because I finally just finished my period (yep it was well over a week long) - he assured me that this isn't something we need to worry about at this point. I had 15 follies on my left ovary and still only 6 on my right. Come-on right ovary, the left one is kicking your ass!

I haven't heard from my nurse yet, and I usually wait to blog until that point - but let's be honest, there are a ton of women going through this series and somehow I ended up marrying someone with a W last name, which means I am at the end of the calling list (they go alphabetical). So I don't expect my phone call until sometime late this afternoon. I will update what my nurse says when I update about my acupuncture tomorrow.

Oh, and I officially have a side effect. I think the technical term is "hot flash", but I like to refer to this particular side effect as the "hellish inferno that is taking over my body from the inside out with no relief in site" - I am frikkin hot - and not hot like a "oooh, look at my ass in these jeans" kind of hot...I am a sizzling piece of bacon in a fry pan kind of hot. I am so hot that when I stopped at on my way home I spent an unusual amount of time leaning into the milk bin to cool myself off. I was asked to step out of the way....twice...and I didn't care because it was such sweet, sweet relief.

Till next time......

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