Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chuggin' along

Well, it looks like we still have all 6 embryos. 5 of them are at 8 cell (which is where they should be today) and 1 is only at 4 cell. I am thrilled that they are all still "active" and can't believe that we still have 6. I'm holding my breath, waiting and hoping that by day 5 we will have enough quality embryos to transfer.

My last acupuncture appt. went really well. We did the cupping again, and I can still feel the relief in my shoulders and back. I asked her about the pineapple theory and she told me that she knows in South America they eat it for it's anti-inflammatory purposes and she had heard that the core could assist in implantation because of the bromelian. So, she said she didn't think it would hurt anything to buy an organic pineapple, divide it into 5 portions (core and all) and eat 1 portion a day for five days starting today and going for 3 days past transfer. So, today I ate my organic pineapple and enjoyed it very much :-)

She also told me to try to eat organic as much as possible - ummmm...I went to the Co-op and organic is expensive. So I am trying to incorporate organic items into my meals as best I can (and as much as I can afford). But the best thing she told me to do was to get a big fatty-grass-fed piece of beef and grill it up for Father's Day - yay for red meat! I seriously had a dream the other night that I worked in a meat hanger and I moved fresh juicy red meat out of the way so people could walk through the hanger. That was my job...meat mover. I'm thinkin I need a little red meat in my life again. Granted, this is only for one night and I am still to limit my intake after transfer, but I will enjoy every juicy bite.

Also, poor Bobby found out he has a kidney infection. Boo to that. I was a not-so-great wife and kind of didn't believe that he was sick. I merely thought he was internalizing the stress of this week. Well, turns out not everything is about IVF in our lives and he in fact was not internalizing and was indeed very sick. Now he is totally conked out and I am left with a huge feeling of guilt for not initially believing him. I think all is forgiven as I went out and bought him some yummy peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and have let him sleep most of the day.

We won't hear anymore until Monday...or otherwise known as transfer day (dun dun dunnnnn). They will call us first thing in the am and let us know what survived and if we can transfer that day and then will instruct us on the time to arrive at the office. Please, please pray and think good thoughts for these little embryos to keep chuggin' along...I will update on Monday if I can, otherwise you can expect a little somethin, somethin on Tuesday.

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Cameo said...

Ooo, Jen. I can't believe the big day is today! I completely believe in buying organic, WHENever I can. And you are right. It is expensive. My tips are the following: buy things that are in season and eat a ton of it then. Think the laws of supply and demand. When supply is up, prices go down. So, buy a ton of organic carrots when they are plentiful and chop them up and toss in the freezer for times of the year when they aren't in season. Just one example. Good luck! We bought a share in a farm this year too and while it was expensive up front, it ends up averaging $20-25 per week in farm fresh produce. All organic and almost more than I can eat in a week. Sending you my love and prayers right now!!!! <3